My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeremy Aguero - “The question in most people's minds right now is not about how large growth can be, it's the degree to which the market is going flat.”
 Jeremy Aguero - “Putting up a brand new building next to them doesn't replace blight. Redevelopment in its name looks to improve or increase the development in that area. It takes a certain vision both by the public officials and the developer that is willing to go in there.”
 Jeremy Aguero - “The pace of sales has started to show signs of softness as foot traffic at sales offices, unit reservations and the number of contracts are slowing. Experience, location and branding will be the key to success for specific projects.”
 Jeremy Aguero - “There are a number of gaming operations that you can look at from North Las Vegas to Henderson to Clark County that are smaller operations that have substantial property resources. More importantly, they have a zoning classification that is for sale. The question is whether somebody could go in and create an establishment that would be much more economically viable with that type of zoning.”
 Jeremy Aguero - “Average asking rates jumped 8 percent the past 12 months. And increases during the coming year are anticipated to be in the 8 to 12 percent range due to stable demand and rising development costs.”