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 Jim Leyland - “I think this guy's got a very bright future. You don't see stuff like that.”
 Jim Leyland - “I'm not criticizing anybody, I'm not picking on anybody. You've got to give teams 27 outs. If you give teams 31 or 32, particularly a team that has the horses like the Yankees, you're going to get beat.”
 Jim Leyland - “If somebody put a gun to my head and said, Give me your 25 players,' I could do it.”
 Jim Leyland - “Everybody's got 10 people penciled in here, 10 people penciled in there. Wow, we've played three games and I don't know what the hell we're doing yet, to be honest with you. But I'll tell you one thing We're not going to give jobs away.”
 Jim Leyland - “When we were in Pittsburgh, we had a decent pitching staff. But it became a damn good pitching staff because we had five Gold Glovers.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think he's one of those guys that Earl Weaver talked about, when you get into the car, you come to the park and know that he's pitching for you, you feel pretty good. I certainly feel pretty good. I feel pretty good with all of them right now. They're all doing a good job. Hopefully, it's contagious and we can keep it up.”
 Jim Leyland - “We stunk. The whole ball of wax was lackluster. It's been going on here before and it's not going to happen. . . . They were ready to get on the plane and go to Oakland. If we won, it was OK. If we lost, it was OK. And that's not good enough.”
 Jim Leyland - “We played a good, clean game. It wasn't a sloppy game. But I'm not into that, either. We're here to win.”
 Jim Leyland - “You might not see that for three months, Cleveland get shut out. That's how good they are. You have to enjoy this one.”
 Jim Leyland - “This is good. I don't have any problem with this stuff. This kid gets to start in a Major League game. You look at the bright side. And I think our guys will be OK.”
 Jim Leyland - “We have three or four good prospects. That's what I can tell you. Either it's going to be nice for me or for somebody else, however it works out.”
 Jim Leyland - “I've always liked him, because he's always had great stuff and a great arm. His problem has always been health. When he's healthy, he's a quality Major League pitcher, without question. And if he can stay healthy ... that's always been an issue.”
 Jim Leyland - “Your heart is blowing out of your shirt.”
 Jim Leyland - “It just breaks my heart.”
 Jim Leyland - “I really like him -- he's very smart. We've got ourselves a hell of a big league pitcher.”
 Jim Leyland - “Hell of a job. I'm proud of them.”
 Jim Leyland - “To be honest with you, there's not a guy in this clubhouse that knows for sure if they're ready.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think for a young hitter, he uses the whole field as well as any young hitter. I think that's probably the biggest thing, to be honest with you.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think it's just a respect factor. I think he's earned that over his career. And I loved his response. He's flattered. He said 'Thank you. It's an honor. I'll be ready go.' It was totally professional.”
 Jim Leyland - “I'm glad I took the job. I hope I'm still saying it in August.”
 Jim Leyland - “I don't consider four games much of a national spotlight. I certainly hope this isn't our highlight.”
 Jim Leyland - “I just hope those guys out there (Detroit's young players) are smart enough to pick up on that. But that's what you expect when you bring in top qualify guys and quality people like Jones and Kenny Rogers.”
 Jim Leyland - “Mac is going to be a tremendous coach, but I hope he doesn't coach long. I hope he's managing again. He'll be tremendous for us. He's been in this seat before, and that's important. When you haven't been in this seat, coaching is different. He knows how to handle players, he knows all the aggravations (a manager) can have, he knows how tough the job can be. I'm sure he's going to be a big help for me.”
 Jim Leyland - “I hope they're Tiger fans and I hope they come anyway, but you never know how it's going to turn out.”
 Jim Leyland - “Our closer (Todd Jones) is gone. Our setup guy (Fernando Rodney) is gone. Four regulars are out. Two other regulars are hurt. I'm just going to look at the bright side and take a look at our kids.”

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