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 Hu Jintao - “The past, if not forgotten, can serve as a guide for the future. By emphasizing the need to always remember the past, we do not mean to continue the hatred. Instead, we want to draw lessons from history and be forward-looking,”
 Hu Jintao - “The Chinese government attaches great importance to Asia Pacific regional co-operation,”
 Hu Jintao - “We believe the Pakistani Government will punish the criminals, and take practical measures to protect Chinese nationals and institutions there.”
 Hu Jintao - “will also play an important facilitating role in promoting the growth of our relationship as a whole.”
 Hu Jintao - “China's development can only bring up opportunities for Asian countries and contribute to Asia's economic growth, and will never impede success of others, nor pose any threat to anybody,”
 Hu Jintao - “top priority must be given to the people's lives and health.”
 Hu Jintao - “Those are the trials of history”
 Hu Jintao - “Instead, we want to draw lessons from history and be forward-looking, ... only by remembering the past and drawing lessons from it can one avoid the repetition of historical tragedies.”
 Hu Jintao - “The motherland and people are proud of you. I hope you will successfully complete your task by carrying out the mission calmly and carefully and have a triumphant return,”
 Hu Jintao - “All this has made it (the G20 mechanism) a widely representative and influential international economic forum,”
 Hu Jintao - “We must persist in settling international disputes by peaceful means, with a view to promoting harmonious coexistence for different countries,”
 Hu Jintao - “We must push for international configuration of multi-polarity and democracy in international relations,”
 Hu Jintao - “We agreed to intensify our exchange and to develop investment ties,”
 Hu Jintao - “A harmonious society should feature democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality.”
 Hu Jintao - “Theory of the Three Represents.”
 Hu Jintao - “To that end, we must step up the Party building theory study in a way that is in line with the new historical conditions and historical tasks the CPC is facing.”
 Hu Jintao - “We both agreed to upgrade the relationship into a strategic partnership, ... Never has our relationship been more important than today.”
 Hu Jintao - “Bilateral trade might double to over 300 billion US dollars in 2010, ... nothing can stop the trend of economic integration and trade development.”
 Hu Jintao - “The frictions and problems that may arise in this rapid development of two-way trade may be properly addressed through consultations,”
 Hu Jintao - “in the political, economic, trade, energy scientific, technological, educational cultural and other fields.”
 Hu Jintao - “We should vigorously promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation on the basis of mutual trust, further reduce restrictions on export of technologies, and remove trade barriers, so as to create a fair, just, reasonable and open environment for trade,”
 Hu Jintao - “It is our guideline to further a good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust with Mongolia based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence,”
 Hu Jintao - “We should see various ways to cooperate in energy and resources. We should work hard on the exploration of energy, such as oil and gas.”
 Hu Jintao - “The six-party talks have run into some difficulties at the moment. I hope the parties will be able to further display flexibility, work together and create necessary conditions for the early resumption of talks.”
 Hu Jintao - “We hope to see European Union plays a more important role on issues pertaining to Europe and the world as a whole,”

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