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 Joe Girardi - “You have two young men that haven't played at this level and they're being asked to do a lot. Center field is an important position. We'll try to figure out which one is going to be our starter of the future and get them both at-bats.”
 Joe Girardi - “They are two really gifted athletes. They are fundamentally sound defensively. They are little bit different types of hitters. Hanley has a little more pop. Robert is probably more of a hit-and-run type of guy. They are two very gifted shortstops who should create some excitement over the next four weeks. They'll go at it, and let's find out.”
 Joe Girardi - “Defensively we played well. We ran the bases well. We just didn't get that one hit when we needed it. Marshall pitched well. He didn't give us many opportunities.”
 Joe Girardi - “Miguel was begging the opposing team to give them one more inning to hit and see if they could get those two runs, but sorry, you can't do that in the real game.”
 Joe Girardi - “Patterson lived on the outside corner and came in when he had to. He didn't give our guys much to hit.”
 Joe Girardi - “I think he's handling it great. I don't think he is going out of his zone a lot. He's taking what they give him. You see him always hit the ball to the right side, if that's what they're giving him. Very seldom do you see him move his swing. That means to me he is handling it great.”
 Joe Girardi - “I love his dog. He's got enough dogs. We told him anytime he wants to give us his dog.”
 Joe Girardi - “You want to protect these young kids. He had a good day, and you want to give him a day to feel good about himself.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's good to give teams different looks.”
 Joe Girardi - “Jeffrey and Larry will do what they can to give me the best product on the field, ... They want to win, they want championships. And that's what I'm all about.”
 Joe Girardi - “I know that Jeffrey and Larry will do the best they can to get me the best product on the field. We're not exactly sure what the team is going to be, but I know they're going to give me a winner.”
 Joe Girardi - “That's why I cut my hair so short. It was getting a little gray.”
 Joe Girardi - “We will have discussions about that, especially a pitcher sliding head-first into first base.”
 Joe Girardi - “I don't think there's any question about the heart of these kids. They want to win, and they want to be big-league players. It's us growing up as a team and eliminating minor mistakes and getting better every day.”
 Joe Girardi - “That meant as much to me as anything, ... Joe's brutally honest.”
 Joe Girardi - “We have a lot of guys who are in a hurry to get hits. They are trying to do too much. They want to have a good start and are anxious to prove they belong here. They need to be patient.”
 Joe Girardi - “There is a lot on the line here for MLB. I know the WBC is good for the game. Nobody better get hurt.”
 Joe Girardi - “Miguel can't afford to get hurt in a game like this. Not if I want to continue to manage.”
 Joe Girardi - “The extra two days won't hurt. He was confident he could pitch, but the toe has been bothering him a little bit.”
 Joe Girardi - “I wouldn't do that. You don't want to risk him getting hurt. The only way I would do that is if it's something like the 19th inning and we're out of people.”
 Joe Girardi - “You get an idea what a manager has to go through every day. His is at a very high level. He has situations he has to deal with and the expectations he has to deal with, the personalities he has to deal with. It's a lot.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's not going to get the innings he needs to get. He's a starter, and he's behind. I told him, 'It's kind of a speed bump. When you had that injury, it was a speed bump. You're the one who determines when you're going to get back.' ... He's not ready enough to compete as a starter.”
 Joe Girardi - “In his first start, and what he's been through this spring, I didn't feel it was in his best interest to go back out there.”
 Joe Girardi - “I thought it would be great to have a couple of pitching coaches on the staff.”
 Joe Girardi - “The walks in the eighth killed us. Pierre gets on, but his run doesn't mean anything. We walked the next two guys. That puts us in a tough situation. J.J. gets the ground ball. I thought we tried to do too much instead of just getting the one out. We tried to get two outs -- get one out.”

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