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 Joe Maddon - “They made great impressions. Obviously, they are very gifted. We have so many young players here. I was really impressed with all of them. They are a great group of athletes.”
 Joe Maddon - “I honestly don't even think about that, because I really believe if we get our right guys out there, we play the game properly, like anybody else, we can beat them on any give day. I'm not into the payroll stuff. David can beat Goliath on any given day if you do your job properly.”
 Joe Maddon - “I look at (makeup) first of all, guys that like to get the last three outs. And furthermore, if they don't get 'em tonight and they lose or give it up, they can come back the next night and get it done. For me, that's really an important issue with the closer.”
 Joe Maddon - “It's a guy who likes to get the last three outs, who doesn't mind getting the last three outs and, furthermore, if they don't get them that night, and they get bumped a little bit and they lose or they give it up, they come back the next night and get it done.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's going to play several positions. He's all for it. We're going to give him primary work at third base, but he's also going to get work at first base and in right field.”
 Joe Maddon - “They believe we are still in the game as it gets tight and late. There's a good feeling in the dugout.”
 Joe Maddon - “He's got a lot to learn about pitching. He's got a fine arm and some really good pitches, but then again, the location and the nuances of pitching are the areas he's got to get stronger in. Physically, he's got very good stuff. We've just got to stay with him regarding becoming more of a pitcher.”
 Joe Maddon - “The whole thing is just ripe to be a very good thing.”
 Joe Maddon - “This was a real intense game. I think it was a growth moment for our group.”
 Joe Maddon - “Yeah, what the hell kind of goal is that”
 Joe Maddon - “It's really an interesting group. They're very athletic. They played so well in the second half. You know, they're scary to play against. If these guys get hot and you're in the other dugout, you don't want to play these guys, and I hope to continue that.”
 Joe Maddon - “I don't look at it and say you should be happy being 2-4 with all these injuries. I'm not. I think we can win even when we're hurt, if we play the game properly.”
 Joe Maddon - “I have no idea. There are a lot of things that can still happen. I guess we need a closer, but it's all up for grabs.”
 Joe Maddon - “We're just looking to see if we can get someone in the right place more often. If you look at the charts, he rarely hits a ball on the left side of the field in the infield, rarely. It might be a pop up now and then. ... He can bunt if he likes. You know, God bless him. It's just a matter of you've got all this information, why accumulate all this information then not use it I don't quite get that.”
 Joe Maddon - “We'll take that slowly. It's such a weird injury, you just don't know. And the guy's all muscle and bone, there's nothing else there.”
 Joe Maddon - “I think he can be a stabilizer. He can spearhead the leadership in that regard, in the whole group becoming inning eaters.”
 Joe Maddon - “The mental at-bats are really good. That's what I'm liking.”
 Joe Maddon - “I thought (Monday) was spectacular. I thought the place looked absolutely great. Very bright. Very clean. A new twist. Very nice for the fans.”
 Joe Maddon - “I was really happy with the first day. The players, I thought, responded really well.”
 Joe Maddon - “That thought doesn't even enter my mind. My thought is Wednesday - let's go, let's roll.”
 Joe Maddon - “The strengths, I think, are the same that we thought coming in to Spring Training. You look at the team on the field, it's a pretty good team on the field. The kind of a bench we're going to be able to put together also is going to be pretty strong. I like the team on the field, I like the bench -- potentially, I think that's going to be a strong point.”
 Joe Maddon - “Honestly, I thought this infield played a little bit bouncy. There were some bad hops.”
 Joe Maddon - “We thought about it and based on what he did last year, which is part of it, we feel good about it.”
 Joe Maddon - “Their guy topped us. But I thought Seth was outstanding.”
 Joe Maddon - “Jackson really did up some people. We know what we thought, but we think that even more now. That was a tremendous performance on his part, but his day is coming. It's getting closer.”

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