My Favorite Quotes
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 John Askins - “In talking to the guys elected, several of them were emotional about it. Many of them said this would probably be the highest honor they would achieve in their careers.”
 John Askins - “For the first two years we'll probably take 10 because we want to build a nice foundation. After that, we'll probably do it more like the major league hall where there is no guaranteed amount.”
 John Askins - “For too long, the publicity of the sport has come in a two-week window (during the College World Series). And now, we're trying to put it in the center stage year round.”
 John Askins - “This is really very special because it's the first class. I think this is very important for the sport of college baseball, and important for their respective universities.”
 John Askins - “The American Baseball Coaches Association started All-American honors in that year. That was also the first year of the College World Series.”
 John Askins - “I've been involved with college baseball for 30 years, and this is something that's always come up, but nobody's ever acted on it.”