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 John Markell - “I want to recognize the character of our team, coming back and scoring two goals like that. They never say never. Was that a pretty setup goal Either one of them (It was) just puck on net. We tried to grease one out - that's why they call it a greasy goal.”
 John Markell - “They got good goaltending tonight. He made the saves, and everyone knows they can score. We talked about it at the beginning of the year that they are one player away and they got it tonight.”
 John Markell - “I saw us hanging together out there. We fought back. We knew how important it was, and I'm proud of our kids for doing that.”
 John Markell - “From what I hear, the net was off. That was the difference in the game, that controversial goal. We had opportunities to score, we hit the post, we won draws, but the puck just didn't go in for us late in the game.”
 John Markell - “I thought halfway through the third we just ran out of gas. Even our energy guys were tired. We were down to three regulars on defense.”
 John Markell - “I thought it was a tie game. First period was pretty even, both sides. The second period they totally dominated. I thought we had the better of the third period.”
 John Markell - “Every time he would shift over in the first period, he would knock the net off the moorings. He was pretty smart if he was doing it on purpose.”
 John Markell - “Any time you have goaltending like that, it has a calming effect.”
 John Markell - “The power play could have won us the game easily. It provided us with enough opportunities. With that 5-on-3, I don't know what more we have to do. We moved the puck well and got behind the goalie of couple of times. It just didn't go in the net.”
 John Markell - “These kids don't understand, when you're skating on the outside in cold weather, you can skate forever. But the problem is you've got to come back to the bench and the kids are freezing because they've been sitting there for two or three minutes.”
 John Markell - “I'd like to host one someday. It's a wonderful event. I think they knew the level of support they would get from the people of Green Bay, and to be able to pull something like this off and put hockey at the forefront, for a day at least, is great.”
 John Markell - “Dave Caruso is playing very, very well. I think he's the best goalie in the nation right now. He's giving us tremendous effort. So are other guys, but he's the guy holding us in there.”
 John Markell - “We had to depend on our goaltender until the guys found their legs tonight.”
 John Markell - “We're not the same team we were the first game of the year. Some guys who thought they could follow now have to lead. There are different demands on them. We need 20 leaders on the ice.”
 John Markell - “Right now we're focusing on us. I think we know from the past that they come at you with pressure. It's high tempo and it's an intimidating rink to play in. It's almost like the seventh man on the ice, their crowd, and they match that with their skill. They will try to bury you right away.”
 John Markell - “You have to treat it like a playoff series. Watch for momentum, take the crowd out of it, stay out of the penalty box and get your special teams working.”
 John Markell - “I think he's accepting of the system. You didn't hear him complaining when we weren't scoring any goals. A lot of credit goes to his character. He's built himself into that type of person, he's a team player, and that's reassuring when you're struggling to score goals up front.”
 John Markell - “They rose to the occasion. It's what we want them to do and it's what they expected to do when they came here. It's a credit to them and to their character.”
 John Markell - “We worked for 58 minutes and it was obviously a great effort, but we lost the hockey game. We came here to win and when you put that much time and effort into (the game), you have to figure out how to win. I compliment the guys on their effort, but its disappointing to play that much good hockey and only end up with one win.”
 John Markell - “This game will bring a lot of recognition to college hockey. Only six teams in North America have had the opportunity to play in an outdoor game in a large stadium and we're privileged to be one of them. Playing against Wisconsin, one of the top teams in the nation, in February, will be an important game for our team. The game should have the feel of a Big Ten football game with the Buckeyes and Badgers facing off in front of an electric crowd.”
 John Markell - “We talked about it all week. Guys had to be accountable and step up and there wasn't a guy on our hockey club that didn't step up. I'm excited for the kids because they worked hard for that victory. Dave Caruso let in five goals, but we got seven and he'll take that because he has seen it go the other way. I'm excited for the kids because they worked hard for that victory and we beat a good hockey club.”
 John Markell - “This is another tough weekend for us. We can't worry about anybody else or next weekend, just the first period of Friday night's game. Notre Dame is a tough team and they will grind it out, but we had success up there earlier in the season and we will attack that same reason this weekend.”
 John Markell - “We have to mature as a hockey team. We have to fight through adversity better than we did this year. We have to fight through adversity more than just on the ice.”