My Favorite Quotes
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 Judy Johnson - “Don't know the future, don't know when the city will be re-opened, don't know how to get back to my house to pick up my belongings that are important to me,”
 Karen Johnson - “They could close us down in the future and that would be it. We would not be able to say or do anything about it.”
 Brad Johnson - “We're looking positively to the future. I know we can do it.”
 Ken Johnson - “State legislatures have considered punitive measures that could have damaged physician-patient relationships and jeopardized the future development of potentially life-saving and life-enhancing medicines.”
 Samuel Johnson - “The future is purchased by the present”
 Donna Johnson - “What's really important about software development is implementing the features your customers ask for. That's what we've done with the addition of DVD burning and what we will continue to do in the future.”
 Diane Johnson - “Our whole idea is to save these things for future generations.”
 Ted Johnson - “I think everything should be done to pass their story to future generation of Americans.”
 Ernie Johnson - “We anticipate our sales in future quarters returning to predominately regular-priced shipments. Therefore, we believe our sales increases will normalize at a much more moderate growth rate.”
 Hugh Johnson - “The focus has been on earnings, and when you get something like Aetna, then that's going to help the market. But one of these days, that focus is going to shift to inflation and interest rates. And the Fed is going to have to get it absolutely right in order for this market to manage even small gains.”
 Hugh Johnson - “The stock market has been closely connected to the bond market in the last two weeks, and today's stabilizing interest rates is probably the No. 1 reason behind the gains.”
 Avery Johnson - “We kind of threw the first punch and kept on punching. We were fortunate enough to put together one of our better games of the (season).”
 Jeff Johnson - “I felt good about the way our pitchers played except for probably three of the 12. But in three games we gave up three runs or less. If we can continue to do that, we'll win a bunch of games.”
 Amir Johnson - “Yeah, it hurt to lose those two playoff games lasts year. But this is another year. We're a better team than we were last year. We're more experienced. We just want to keep on playing.”
 Scott Johnson - “We had open looks tonight we either didn't take the shot, or the shot didn't go in. We shot a low percentage, as we have all year, and when you do that you don't win many games.”
 Alex Johnson - “It's almost like a lost season. I am very frustrated I like going to games, but you want to win.”
 Andre Johnson - “We know we're not out there trying to throw games. If we were really trying to lose, how did we win this one”
 Angelo Johnson - “We just want to take it game-by-game now. We still have some tough games left in the regular season.”
 Ron Johnson - “I'm pleased the way guys have handled it mentally. At this level there can be a lot of agendas. I feel very comfortable with five games left with what we've accomplished.”
 Anthony Johnson - “We'll have our hands full offensively and defensively. We need to get it going as soon as possible. We're at .500 now we need to get back some of those games.”
 Scott Johnson - “You only score two runs and that is what happens. You are not going to win many games like that. Jones pitched well enough to win.”
 Heidi Johnson - “I think it was a step forward. We hung with an amazing team until the third game, so the first two games were awesome and showed what we can do.”
 Curtis Johnson - “We came out and played hard in both games. (In this last game), we didn't get as many breaks as we did in the first game. They helped us out a little in the first game and we got some big hits.”
 Johnny Johnson - “We have about 10 more regular season games before the tournament, so this allows us to get some rest and get some more practices in.”
 Randy Johnson - “I think he did a great job. We had a lot of inconsistencies the first half of the year, and to win as many games as we did says a lot about his managerial skills.”

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