My Favorite Quotes
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 Josh Billings - “The wicked work harder to reach hell than the righteous to reach heaven”
 Josh Billings - “There are very few good judges of humor, and they don't agree”
 Josh Billings - “The truly innocent are those who not only are guiltless themselves, but who think others are”
 Josh Billings - “A slander is like a hornet if you cannot kill it dead the first blow, better not strike at it”
 Josh Billings - “I honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain't so.”
 Josh Billings - “There is a significant Latin proverb to wit Who will guard the guards”
 Josh Billings - “I am a poor man, but I have this consolation I am poor by accident, not by design.”
 Josh Billings - “To enjoy a good reputation give publicly, and steal privately.”
 Josh Billings - “The more humble a man is before God the more he will be exalted the more humble he is before man, the more he will get rode roughshod.”
 Josh Billings - “Experience is a school where a man learns what a big fool he has been.”
 Josh Billings - “When a man gets talking about himself, he seldom fails to be eloquent and often reaches the sublime.”
 Josh Billings - “There may come a time when the lion and the lamb will lie down together, but I am still betting on the lion”
 Josh Billings - “There's lots of people who spend so much time watching their health, they haven't got time to enjoy it.”
 Josh Billings - “Don't put off till tomorrow what can be enjoyed today.”
 Josh Billings - “The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust”
 Josh Billings - “It isn't so much trouble to get rich as it is to tell when we have got rich.”
 Josh Billings - “There are people who are always anticipating trouble, and in this way they manage to enjoy many sorrows that never really happen to them”
 Josh Billings - “The trouble ain't that people are ignorant it's that they know so much that ain't so”
 Josh Billings - “There is a sort of charm in ugliness, if the person has some redeeming qualities and is only ugly enough”
 Josh Billings - “Flattery is like cologne water, to be smelt of, not swallowed”
 Josh Billings - “It ain't so much trouble to get rich as it is to tell when we have got rich.”
 Josh Billings - “It is a statistical fact that the wicked work harder to reach hell than the righteous do to enter heaven.”
 Josh Billings - “Incredulity is the wisdom of the fool”
 Josh Billings - “Wisdom has never made a bigot, but learning has”
 Josh Billings - “There is gravity in wisdom, but no particular wisdom in gravity”

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