My Favorite Quotes
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 Marwan Kabalan - “If you hand over these people, you would contribute to undermining the regime. The Syrian government might think that sanctions are a better alternative at the end of the day.”
 Marwan Kabalan - “Nobody listens, nobody reads. You have a very small circle of decision-makers in charge of decisions in the country. What do you expect”
 Marwan Kabalan - “Syria can't be important unless it plays its regional cards. This country is not wealthy and it doesn't have enough oil to be influential. We are playing the role of a bad student at school. If you don't make trouble, no one will pay attention to you.”
 Marwan Kabalan - “People were reacting not only to the Danish newspaper drawings - there is something inside the people. They tried to express their anger against something else - Western double standards in dealing with democracy, the economic situation - and they took it out on the embassies in Damascus.”