My Favorite Quotes
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 Kabbalah - “Rhythm is the basis of life, not steady forward progress. The forces of creation, destruction, and preservation have a whirling, dynamic interaction.”
 Kabbalah - “I'm not Jewish in the conventional sense,”
 Kabbalah - “The pure impulse of dynamic creation is formless and being formless, the creation it gives rise to can assume any and every form.”
 Kabbalah - “The atom, being for all practical purposes the stable unit of the physical plane, is a constantly changing vortex of reactions.”
 Kabbalah - “We must learn not to disassociate the airy flower from the earthy root, for the flower that is cut off from its root fades, and its seeds arebarren, whereas the root, secure in mother earth, can produce flower after flower and bring their fruit to maturity.”
 Kabbalah - “Force never moves in a straight line, but always in a curve vast as the universe, and therefore eventually returns whence it issued forth, but upon a higher arc, for the universe has progressed since it started.”