My Favorite Quotes
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 Kirk Kaczor - “We're getting better looks at the basket, but we still played out of character. We missed free throw shots, we made turnovers and they outplayed us. That's how you lose games.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “We could have made better decisions all game long and that catches up with you. You don't take good shots and eventually you lose possessions and you're not able to score.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “It was nice to be tied at the half. We thought that was a nice momentum boost. And we actually had a little lead in the third quarter too. But our offense was still not in sync. And looking at 31 points it never got in sync.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “We picked a poor time to have probably one of the worst outings we had all season. We just didn't play well.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “Any time a team shows frustration it makes you feel good because you know you're doing your job.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “We've been coming together a little bit better as a group. Things came easy for us early and we didn't have to work so hard. Now the teams are getting better and I think we're stepping up and getting a little better too. We have things to work on but we're getting to where we need to be. Any time you win at North Branford we're pleased.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “When you look throughout the game, whether it's David with a big three or Keefe with a steal or Brian with a three or a steal or James Logan and Stark both taking charges, I felt like I got a lot of contributions from a lot of people.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “They (Morgan) came at us with a hard charge early then we got a few turnovers. Brian had a couple of big steals to get us going. We pushed the ball up and got some opportunities. Dave hit a big three. The kids battled. It's nice to have five seniors because they work and play well together. They make that extra pass more often than not.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “Morgan just manhandled us. They were too much inside and we didn't play smart. We gave them easy opportunities and we took a lot of bad shots.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “It seemed like everything they threw up was going in. We just stuck to the game plan. We said, 'let's just keep doing what we're doing.' Hopefully, we'll hit some shots and make some stops and get a little momentum swing.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “He's a tough match-up for anybody because he shoots outside and he's the biggest kid on the court.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “I'm sort of disappointed we didn't play the way we are capable of playing. Morgan's an excellent team. You have to play well to beat them and we didn't do that.”
 Kirk Kaczor - “We didn't think the game was over, that's for sure. We knew there was a second half ahead of us.”