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 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “I hope we will manage to create a coalition. I have reasons to believe this is a realistic perspective.”
 Lech Kaczynski - “We are already seeing problems from the introduction of the euro. At the moment it's mainly Italy that's complaining, but there's nothing surprising in that, seeing how standards of living have fallen there since the currency was brought in.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “We're allowing every Eric Harris, every troubled kid out there, to become the next Tim McVeigh.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “I believe in nothing.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “I think I would like to be represented by him, ... He had agreed not to use a mental health defense. ... He would need considerable time to prepare.”
 Lech Kaczynski - “Poland needs to reconsider its mistakes. But more than that, it needs a consensus based on truth.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “I had something that may be just a wild conjecture only, but ...”
 Lech Kaczynski - “I taught for 30 years at university but never in circumstances like this.”
 Lech Kaczynski - “It is very helpful to have a partner on whom you can rely in any situation. But the problem starts because some people don't like it that one twin would be president and the other prime minister.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “A government that does not have a majority in parliament does not really hold power and that should be changed.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “I'm convinced this will allow us to slowly build a majority in parliament and allow backing for the government until 2009.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “Unfortunately, no, ... man responsible for the mail bombings.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “Immediately after the official results, we are ready to start talks with the Platform about economic policy. We are deeply convinced that they can be effective.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “Russia needs to accept that Poland is an independent player in this part of Europe and no doubt this will be a long and difficult process.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “Society has made a decision and this should be a signal for the government.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “In our relations with Russia you need to be patient and avoid provocations, but if events like the recent ones take place, you have to tell the truth -- cowardice is only an encouragement.”
 Ted Kaczynski - “If we were forced into a half court game with them, we were in trouble. If our pressure doesn't work, we're in big trouble. We have to extend the court, and we couldn't tonight.”
 Lech Kaczynski - “We must turn the country around to face its citizens. The scale of the repair will be so great that Poland will become a new republic.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “This was the first conversation, we will hold further meetings.”
 Ted Kaczynski - “They did control the boards, particularly on the offensive boards. That was a big factor, particularly in the last quarter.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “I don't think it's likely that the matter can be resolved that easily. My lawyers have suggested that I should make it clear to you what I want. And what I'm looking for is a change of counsel.”
 Lech Kaczynski - “I want to call...for us to quickly conclude work on the government. I will approach Donald Tusk, who fought superbly in this campaign.”
 Theodore Kaczynski - “It appears that I don't have much choice as to what I want to do. It seems that I have no other alternatives. ... I may as well go ahead with the present counsel, not because I want to, but simply there are no better alternatives.”
 Jaroslaw Kaczynski - “We just signed an agreement that I am deeply certain will lead to the creation of a lasting majority in parliament, which will rule until (the term ends) in 2009.”
 Ted Kaczynski - “I was very pleased with her break-out game. She is a special player with a lot of ability and I am very happy for her that she played up to that ability.”

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