My Favorite Quotes
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 Janos Kadar - “We can safely say that the ideological and organisational leaders who prepared this uprising were recruited from among your ranks.”
 Janos Kadar - “The Party counts on the support of every honest worker who declares himself in favour of the socialist objectives of the working class.”
 Janos Kadar - “Only with the honour thus acquired can we earn the respect of our other compatriots as well.”
 Janos Kadar - “On this basis, the basis of national independence, it will build fraternal relations with any progressive socialist movement and party in the world.”
 John Kadar - “Our response time for these adjustments in gas prices should be very quick.”
 Janos Kadar - “Bad leadership during the past years has cast on our Party the shadow of great and grave burdens.”
 Janos Kadar - “Those who joined us for selfish personal reasons, for a career or other motives will be the ones to leave.”
 Janos Kadar - “The ranks of the Party will thin out, but I do not fear that pure, honest and well-meaning Communists will be disloyal to their ideals.”
 Janos Kadar - “I address myself to the Communists, to those Communists who were prompted to join the Party by the progressive ideas of mankind and socialism, and not by selfish personal interests - let us represent our pure and just ideas by pure and just means.”
 Janos Kadar - “I ask every Communist individually to set an example, by deeds and without pretense, a real example worthy of a man and a Communist, in restoring order, starting normal life, in resuming work and production, and in laying the foundations of an ordered life.”
 Janos Kadar - “In these momentous hours of our history we call on every Hungarian worker who is led by devotion to the people and the country to join our Party, the name of which is the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party.”
 Janos Kadar - “It is only with burning anger that we can speak of this attack by counter-revolutionary reactionary elements against the capital of our country, against our people's democratic order and the power of the working class.”
 John Kadar - “The taxi industry locally is subject to rate regulation, which means there is always a gap between the appearance or timing of spikes and the ability to adjust rates and offset the costs. My company has really been affected by this for the last two years in a bad way. We can't really adjust prices to the level that allows us to adjust to the increases in the price of fuel.”