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 Jeff Kagan - “This should give Sprint a competitive advantage.”
 Jeff Kagan - “What Parks is reporting makes sense if you are thinking about the Internet from today's perspective of speed, service and price. The Internet, though, is evolving, with new services, lower prices and faster speeds. I see continued growth.”
 Daryn Kagan - “We trusted that he would take the access and tell an honest story and do it in an entertaining way, ... This is really a good look at what we're facing.”
 Jeff Kagan - “This problem has been festering for way too long. It has upset customers and hurt Blackberry, but at least it is over. Worried Blackberry customers can relax their service won't be cut offeveryone can breath a sigh of relief.”
 Jeff Kagan - “People still think about telecom in separate sectors. The walls are coming down. The companies are bigger and they are offering all of these services. It's an idea that's been building over the last decade, but nobody's actually stopped and pointed it out.”
 Jeff Kagan - “It makes sense for companies to merge. They have higher income and lower expenses as the competitive threat grows.”
 Jeff Kagan - “It's the next natural wave of industry consolidation.”
 Jeff Kagan - “Both the telephone companies and the cable industry are gearing up to go to battle with each other.”
 Jeff Kagan - “The entire wireless industry is very healthy, and growing very rapidly at this point.”
 Jeff Kagan - “There's an explosion of wireless services that are available and a screaming need for spectrum. This is going to be a big boost for the industry.”
 Jeff Kagan - “The television industry is reinventing itself, the same way the telephone industry is reinventing itself and they are all blending,”
 Jeff Kagan - “It's a story about increasing features. It's a sign of the transformation of the industry. It used to be about wireless phone calls, but we're buying based on all the other features.”
 Jeff Kagan - “It's going to be confusing. This is the reinvention of the telecommunications industry.”
 Jeff Kagan - “Everyone is jockeying for position in a rapidly changing world and industry.”
 Jeff Kagan - “If you're talking about a service that everything rides on your television, your telephone, your Internet you're going to want to switch it all, not just part of it.”
 Duff McKagan - “We got Brian Tiskay playing with us he's Billy Idol's drummer, ... We're rehearsing right now so he can learn the songs. He's doing at least seven gigs with us.”
 Robert Kagan - “How long that will last is another question because if they become more and more secure, they may, in fact, become more like West Europe.”
 Donald Kagan - “We, to some degree, are like what we are because we inherited certain things from the Greeks and the Romans. One of them that's so striking is the whole area of politics.”
 Donald Kagan - “History had its own way of explaining things. The way historians explain things is by telling a story.”
 Jeff Kagan - “Mike Armstrong jumped in when we all thought we knew where the industry was heading. Before he knew it, the changes that he had made were not helping ATT, and he had to sell his way out of it.”
 Jeff Kagan - “It was not unexpected, but the timing was a lot sooner than anyone thought.”
 Jeff Kagan - “Wow. That's a better start than anyone thought.”
 Donald Kagan - “I can see that you are a true historian because you really always ought to ask that question about anybody at a different place or a different time What's the same and what's different”
 Jeff Kagan - “The wireless phones will be used to manage more and more of our lives. If we are going to use these phones for all they can offer, we have to be smart about it. Either that or there will have to be new laws passed making it illegal to drive and talk at the same time.”
 Jeff Kagan - “For a long time, convergence and all-in-one services were ideas that many people believed in even though they couldn't see it in the marketplace. Now we see a lot of carriers coming to the same point of being able to actually offer it.”

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