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 Scott Kahan - “Doubling the student loan payment will reduce the time it takes to pay the loan, but the total savings in interest will be marginal.”
 Scott Kahan - “The wild card is capital gains distributions. So you have to be very careful when you're changing your portfolio.”
 Andy Kahan - “I mean the word is out right now to juveniles that you can no longer get away with what you used to be able to get away with ... you're no longer going to get a slap on the wrist.”
 Scott Kahan - “If he saves 2,500 between his 401(k) and outside savings, which he plans to do, this will grow to 526,450 at 8 percent over the next 11 years. The IRA rollover would add an additional 385,000 by age 57, bringing his investments, not including real estate, to over 900,000.”
 Scott Kahan - “With a 401(k), people don't realize how much they can save in taxes. They're clueless.”
 Scott Kahan - “A lot of people just look at how the fund did last year and the Morningstar stars, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.”
 Scott Kahan - “It's been a hard lesson for some, and a good lesson for most people.”
 Scott Kahan - “With interest rates rising, we're advising people to go back to bonds.”
 Scott Kahan - “In the last several years there hasn't been much of a downside. There hasn't been much of a downside, so people have been spoiled. They don't have a clue as to how it really works.”
 Scott Kahan - “People look at technology like it's a shining star, but it's no different than any other sector. A few good years can really pull up the averages. But a few bad years can really pull down the averages.”
 Scott Kahan - “People may have a better feeling psychologically than they did at the end of the year. They're a little more comfortable. So this is a good time to do a self-assessment.”
 Scott Kahan - “When people buy the hottest stocks or the hottest funds, they end up having less and less diversification.”
 Scott Kahan - “People tend to believe that whatever is doing well at the moment will always do well. In the 1990s everybody said value investing was dead and never to return, but managers who stuck to their guns obviously proved that wasn't the case.”
 Scott Kahan - “For people who are looking to get into this market, they probably should not have more than 20 percent in tech.”
 Scott Kahan - “I know people think three days is long term in the market these days. But if you're a long-term investor, 2, 3, 4 percent swings, which are big moves in a day, are meaningless when you look back.”
 Scott Kahan - “People should look at this market as a great learning experience. The best learning experience of how much risk you want to take is going through a down market.”
 Scott Kahan - “Even though he is not eligible for the 401K, he can allocate this money into his non-qualified investments and then stop those savings when he starts his 401K.”
 Scott Kahan - “People who get hurt the most are buying a handful of stocks. People who have been throwing money at the SP 500 have to be disappointed now.”
 Scott Kahan - “It looks like he can save a lot of money each year since he has low expenses.”
 Scott Kahan - “What happens is when something does well, people throw money at it.”
 Scott Kahan - “So look at the funds you own or ones you're considering buying. All that information can only make you a smarter investor.”
 Scott Kahan - “In sector plays, you should buy after a down period, when the numbers look terrible. But when you look at a fund, if similar funds have done well and one fund has done poorly, you don't use that logic.”
 Andy Kahan - “I think it would be more prudent if you're going to do it for people who are going to be released in the next year, rather than play house with people who, for all intents and purposes, haven't even been approved for release.”
 Scott Kahan - “Don't look at the past six months. Look at the past five, 10 or 20 years of returns.”
 Andy Kahan - “You're asking the most cunning, secretive and diabolical type of felon to be part of the honor system. It's always been befuddling to me.”

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