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 Kasey Kahne - “I feel like we had a great race car at the test. We have to keep making the right adjustments and I have to give the right information to (team director) Kenny Francis. If we do that, we have as good a shot to win out there as anybody.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I definitely thought I had my hands full with those guys.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I never even thought the sophomore slump existed. You hear the saying, but you never thought it was for real or anything. But that's kind of what happened to us last year, and I don't know really why that is.”
 Kasey Kahne - “It took us a little time we fell back early. We were working on getting the car driving a little better, but the tires fell off real quick. It was very easy to spin your tires.”
 Kasey Kahne - “By the time I caught Jeff my tires were gone.”
 Kasey Kahne - “We had a great time. We got to the game around 1130 and the game started at 330. We stayed at least 30 minutes after the game and the whole place was still packed. It was a blast.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I probably had the best time of anybody to go out. It was our best qualifying in a while, and when the sun came back out, I was pretty excited. I didn't think there was anybody that was going to catch Greg.”
 Kasey Kahne - “There were times when I felt like we should try this or try that. It may have helped at times last year when we didn't have the Charger figured out. But right now the Charger is the car we definitely want to have.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Mark came alongside me in lapped traffic and we just kept on racing him. He's as tough a competitor and as clean a competitor as you'll find and we won today, but just to race with Mark here in Atlanta is unbelievable.”
 Kasey Kahne - “We usually run well at Michigan ... I used the whole racetrack coming off turn four and that probably hurt us a little bit. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.”
 Kasey Kahne - “This is a great victory. It's one of the tracks I have looked at since I started racing. This is a track you want to win at.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Those guys are very talented. You can watch them and see how talented they are. Anybody that talented and likes going fast and doesn't have a problem racing close and jumping on top of each other just about wouldn't have a problem with any other type of racing. If he wanted to race NASCAR and he put in the time and effort, I don't see why he couldn't.”
 Kasey Kahne - “One thing I did was watch Tony Stewart through the week and watch some of the things he does from the time he makes his first lap in practice until he's done racing that weekend.”
 Kasey Kahne - “It probably wasn't worth it. It made Kyle pretty mad and he made a lot of mistakes after that, so I think I got in his head. But it's never worth it to upset NASCAR by doing something you're not supposed to do on a caution.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I got together with Kenny and started working with the new team, setting goals, and looking at what I did wrong.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I've enjoyed getting to see some of their tributes or some of their pictures that different racetracks have given them from 15 years ago when they were in other cars,”
 Kasey Kahne - “We came so close to winning at Texas a couple of years ago. I won the Busch race last year, so we have the momentum on our side right now.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I'm excited to start first here at Phoenix. It's a great track and I have a lot of experience here. I'm looking forward to racing at night.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I am the biggest Seahawks fan there is right now. My throat hurt so bad this morning when I woke up (from cheering). I acted just like a fan at one of our races.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I'm meeting with Dr. Jerry Petty in the morning and I talked to him Tuesday morning. Everything sounds good and I just need to get cleared before I can test.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Last year I might not have been able to make that call, but today I felt strong enough to say we needed to do it. And the team trusted me enough to do it.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Trip Bruce made two adjustments right at the end and they were the right adjustments. He made the car turn the best it had throughout the whole race. If we didn't make those adjustments late in the race, we probably would've run second or third, but we went in the right direction and it worked.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I thought I could block him in behind J.J., but knowing Tony, that might make him mad. I didn't want to mess with that. ... I actually got a little loose there and couldn't pick up the throttle as hard as I wanted.”
 Kasey Kahne - “It's still a really, really sensitive race car, especially in traffic. You can make a little change and it will totally hurt you here and help you a little bit there.”
 Kasey Kahne - “We're making progress and will continue to make it better.”

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