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 Kasey Kahne - “We didn't make any adjustments. The engine is the best it's been in a restrictor plate race. I learned a lot.”
 Kasey Kahne - “We had a good finish Sunday. We'll take it and go on to Las Vegas. We have more work to do with the Dodge Charger. We'll work on some more things on the car and try to make it more comfortable to drive.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Tony was a little faster the first 20 or 25 laps of that run. Then we got equal and started reeling him in and just got battling with him. ... It was a good battle, a hard battle. He was doing all he could to hold us off, but at that point my car was turning better. I just waited until I got the opportunity and was able to set him up and make the pass.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I saw Bill before the race and I wished him luck. It's exciting and I hope Bill gets a lot more opportunities.”
 Kasey Kahne - “This is a great victory. The guys did an awesome job. They gave me the best car out there. I've always loved coming to Texas and racing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans out there. It's one of the best places we go all season long. ... This is awesome.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I doubt he'll sacrifice his Cup car tomorrow, ... He's got a lot riding on that, racing for points, and I doubt he wants to do that. If he wants to nudge, we can nudge, too.”
 Kasey Kahne - “As soon as I got through the disappointment (of the 2005 season), all I've wanted to do is get back in the car.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I was working real hard not to spin the tires. It was all about throttle control and how much you gave it and where you were in the corners.”
 Kasey Kahne - “It's a little confusing and it keeps changing with the roles. Some people have left, and we've got some new people, too. Ray keeps looking for people who want to make a commitment, and that's what they want to focus on.”
 Kasey Kahne - “We're working on being consistently in the top 10, top 12 and getting ready for next year's Chase. We need the make the Chase and one way we need to do it is to be consistent and starting running in the top 12.”
 Kasey Kahne - “It's much easier to figure things out on the track now than trying to figure them out during the offseason. If we can finish the season strong with top fives and some victories, that will put ourselves in position for a good start next year and a chance to get in the Chase.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I've been happy all year with the way things have gone. We've had momentum all year, even with last week. We had a car that was capable of probably running in the top three. Things like that happen, and it was nobody's fault, and it's been fixed since then.”
 Kasey Kahne - “Today, I was able to stay calm. It took a while to start reeling in the leaders. But we were able to make adjustments to make the car better and come back.”
 Kasey Kahne - “This is the second time I've come here. I've had a great time both times. It's great that they've got NASCAR in Southern California. Thanks for all the support.”
 Kasey Kahne - “I thought my first pole would be somewhere else. There are a lot of good drivers here this weekend -- 10 Winston Cup drivers and all the Busch regular drivers. To sit on the pole and be in front of the field Saturday is a big accomplishment for this team.”

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