My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Kalb - “I've always had high goals. It's something I thought I could do.”
 Joe Kalb - “A district championship, any time you can get it is absolutely huge.”
 Joe Kalb - “Luckily I got a step and luckily it rattled down, My mind changed about three times while it was rolling around the rim.”
 Joe Kalb - “It's absolutely huge. A district championship, any time you can get it it's absolutely huge. You expect success, but any time you can walk out as district champions it's an amazing feeling.”
 Marvin Kalb - “I could name names, and then you could tell me if I'm wrong, ... Are you talking about someone like Senator Frist”
 Joe Kalb - “I thought it was going to be a better night than the last couple. We were loose. It was a fun night all together.”
 Marvin Kalb - “Is it the leadership of the House Is it Hastert Is it DeLay”
 Joe Kalb - “It's really nice. It's a credit to everyone I've played with over the years. I've got to play with a lot of people. I've had good teammates who do things right. They've given me a lot of opportunities to score.”
 Joe Kalb - “It's really fun for the whole community. It's good to be a part of it.”
 Marvin Kalb - “This is one of the greatest challenges facing this particular president. This is the beginning of a major effort by the White House. Everybody has to chip in. This is a major offensive in which the media plays a big role.”
 Marvin Kalb - “McClellan yesterday knew that the man who was shot had suffered a heart attack. He should have reported that, he should have told that to the reporters, and they to the American people. That was an extremely important moment in this whole story. Up to that point, you can say well, it wasn't all that important, although I don't agree with that, but after that moment, it was indisputably an important thing.”