My Favorite Quotes
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 James Kallstrom - “I can't imagine any American pilot crashing an airplane into one of these buildings even with a gun to the head. They wouldn't do that.”
 James Kallstrom - “It would probably not be an efficient use of these resources, minus specific information,”
 James Kallstrom - “We put a Web site up to try to help with his legal expenses, and I lent my name to that because I believe he's innocent.”
 James Kallstrom - “Sure we're considering that. Typically, you'd wait till you know what you're offering a reward for. We're probably not going to do it in the very near future.”
 James Kallstrom - “There was no finding that any of those charges were valid. From my knowledge, the two investigations were voluminous and took literally years to complete.”
 James Kallstrom - “I think we were close to a disaster, ... It didn't happen, and that's the good news.”
 James Kallstrom - “You've got people that not only are willing to give up their lives for a horrendously, in my view, stupid, cowardly act, but they are sophisticated enough to fly a modern jet plane.”
 James Kallstrom - “We want to make them part of the team. You never know when you can get a clue, and we don't want memories to fade.”
 James Kallstrom - “With the assets and resources we do have, we have a good plan.”
 James Kallstrom - “The whole discussion for two and half years was that federal agencies couldn't connect the dots, ... None of these databases talked to each other.”
 James Kallstrom - “It's a great pleasure for the FBI and the law enforcement team to talk about the tremendous cooperation that we had in the TWA tragedy and actually bring a check to those entities that supported us,”
 James Kallstrom - “This'll be reflective of the times we live in. The consequences of attacking here could have more significance to the terrorists. It has a lot of symbolism. It's going to be extremely well protected.”
 James Kallstrom - “The governor and I and the law enforcement community share that concern. We've shared it for a long, long time, ... It's on a list of many things that terrorists can use against us. The event in Kenya is not the first time we thought about these things.”
 James Kallstrom - “This was a classic pump and dump operation,”
 James Kallstrom - “If we have our cops deaf, dumb and blind as to what the federal government knows in databases in Washington, how are we going to protect our society”
 James Kallstrom - “and does not even begin to be conclusive until we have the forensic expert evidence.”
 James Kallstrom - “The chances of a terrorist hitting a trip wire in state and local police is much higher. I think this is the single most important thing we can do to protect our people from then next attack.”
 James Kallstrom - “There's never really a clean answer ... There's always pros and cons.”