My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Kaman - “I'm not happy with the way we played late in the game. The last quarter, we were terrible.”
 Chris Kaman - “Every time you turned around, there was a foul. Free throws, free throws. Maybe one or two baskets, then free throws again. It just slowed the whole game down, big time.”
 Chris Kaman - “Defensively, it was probably the best game I've played with the steals, the blocks (three) and the rebounds. I play hard, I play with a lot of energy. Some nights I don't have the energy, and you can obviously tell the nights that I don't. I just try to play hard and go after the rebounds the best I can, and they were coming to me tonight.”
 Chris Kaman - “The second quarter is what killed us. Hopefully we'll get to play these guys in the playoffs because I think we match up well with them.”
 Chris Kaman - “We play such good defense, and they struggled all series shooting the ball. I thought they came out with fire in the third quarter. Then we fought back and put them in the ground. They gave up.”
 Chris Kaman - “We've have chemistry that we've been building with him not playing, so we're trying to fit him in. People can't be so critical of him. I mean, let him play three or five games. Corey's a great player, but he hasn't played in three months, so you've got to give him some time to get back into the swing of things.”
 Chris Kaman - “They play good basketball but didn't shoot the ball well tonight and we did a good job defensively on them. They had good energy but the shots weren't going down for them. I don't know if it was because Ray Allen was out but they normally shoot the ball better than that.”