My Favorite Quotes
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 Nick Kamberis - “Pitt is a top-notch university and they have great facilities and a great staff. Penn State and Michigan have been in. It is still early in the process.”
 Nick Kamberis - “Anyone that watches our game wants to know who No. 54 is. He just sticks out. He's a real dominant kid. He knows how to play with leverage. He's nasty. You talk about the (prototypical) Western Pa. kid, that's what he is. He goes to the whistle.”
 Nick Kamberis - “Myles is a once-in-a-lifetime kid that you will have the chance to coach. He really is a freak of nature because he is so big and so lean.”
 Nick Kamberis - “He is nasty and the strength of his game is on offense. We can run the ball behind him at any time. In the next breath, he could pull away by using a combination of power and agility. When he gets there he will make contact and there is no weakness to his game.”
 Nick Kamberis - “He likes the coaches from Pitt and that is a big selling point. He has family and his coaches from high school that want to see him play. He doesn't want to go four or five hours away because the people who got him where he is will not be able to see him play. This school is in his own back yard. This is an unselfish decision on his part and I'm proud of him for that.”
 Nick Kamberis - “He will concentrate on wrestling and go (to Northwestern) in the summer to check this out. He will make a decision before football season starts next year.”
 Nick Kamberis - “I think at that level it would be too hard. Big-time football is too much of a commitment and he wouldn't wrestle as well.”
 Nick Kamberis - “Northwestern is one of the top schools in the country. Couple that with playing in the Big 10 Conference and he definitely has to take a look at this. He will be a defensive lineman in college.”
 Nick Kamberis - “He knows where he wants to be. Last summer, he went to a football camp there and he loved it. It was the perfect fit for him. He didn't have to look any further than his own back yard.”
 Nick Kamberis - “(Brad) came over and we watched the Army-Navy game on TV and he got sucked in a little bit. When you go there, your jaw just drops and he knew it was for him.”