My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Kaminski - “If somebody interested in theater wants to come along and pick it up, I'll obviously help them transition in that. But it's just time for me.”
 Kelly Kaminski - “He's so smart. His judgment is amazing. You run into all kinds of conditions at the different arenas. He is able to adjust on his own. I have complete trust in him.”
 Kelly Kaminski - “Everything went wrong. The truck broke down, everyone got sick, my horse almost died. It was terrible.”
 Ron Kaminski - “She has grown so much. You'd think that she'd been performing for 100 years (because of her range).”
 Colin Kaminski - “That's the nature of gaining experience in the industry.”
 Colin Kaminski - “We make as much as we can and serve the customers that we have.”
 Colin Kaminski - “It's very common to find tourists that pick their travel destination based on where the brewery is, and actually travel from brewery to brewery.”
 Ron Kaminski - “He made a poor choice.”
 Colin Kaminski - “There was a lack of buzz about beer in general for a while, but now it's turned around.”
 Colin Kaminski - “Now people come in and they're very excited about talking about beer and brewing.”
 Colin Kaminski - “Our beer sales have grown from the day we opened.”
 Kevin Kaminski - “Every Liquor License Authority item, I have to step down.”