My Favorite Quotes
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 Ellen Kaminsky - “It was fabulous. It was like the old glory days.”
 Dan Kaminsky - “Users have had the opportunity to upgrade for a long time. It's unlikely that they would choose to do so now as a result of this announcement.”
 Dan Kaminsky - “We are at the point where all the obvious things we tell Microsoft to do, they already do it.”
 Dan Kaminsky - “It is unquestionable that Sony's code has gotten into military and government networks, and not necessarily just U.S. military and government networks.”
 Ellen Kaminsky - “It would never, ever be in our game plan to denigrate someone else. This is about what we have to offer here.”
 Dan Kaminsky - “We're past the era where denial of service simply happens because kids are looking for a good time.”
 Jeff Kaminsky - “Mark will give us a physical presence on the interior. He has good court awareness, make good decisions and has an unselfish approach that will help will make him a good fit in our program.”
 Jeff Kaminsky - “There's no question that at time the technical foul put us in control of the game. We were able to step up and make some free throws, and from that point we were definitely in control of the game.”
 Dan Kaminsky - “It's not perfect, but compared to the competition, they've made significant progress.”
 Ellen Kaminsky - “It began as a task force because minority businesses in the area were not as well seen. We wanted them to have access to the chamber and its resources, so we created a steering committee.”
 Ellen Kaminsky - “The chamber provides a lot of opportunities for its members to have an influence over the things they care about. It became clear right way that this was a thing that would grow into a committee and eventually a council. But, first we needed to determine if the commitment was there.”
 Jeff Kaminsky - “In addition to having the skills to be successful on the college level, Mike has the leadership and competitive toughness that makes him such an outstanding player. Mike is a true point guard. He has tremendous vision and court awareness and has the ability to pressure the ball on the defensive end that will be a good fit in our program.”