My Favorite Quotes
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 Daniel Kammen - “It will either be a wonderful way to access some of the country's best renewable resources or, under cover of environmental rhetoric, foster a whole new generation of dirty plants. No one can say for sure right now how this will go.”
 Dan Kammen - “The people who are saying ethanol is bad are just plain wrong. But it isn't a huge victory -- you wouldn't go out and rebuild our economy around corn-based ethanol.”
 Daniel Kammen - “The people who are saying ethanol is bad are just plain wrong.”
 Dan Kammen - “It is better to use various inputs to grow corn and make ethanol and use that in your cars than it is to use the gasoline and fossil fuels directly.”
 Daniel Kammen - “This is actually a switch we could make very easily and very quickly.”
 Dan Kammen - “You're not going to save the world this way. People are doing it at their discretion.”
 Daniel Kammen - “This is actually one of the cheapest possible transitions you can make. It cuts the cost of fuel by half at the pump.”
 Dan Kammen - “Oil futures are based on people's fears. It's almost exactly similar to the stock market. We buy oil on the futures market. So if you look out in the future, you have to say, is it likely that Iran will have a conflict”
 Dan Kammen - “This is the tragedy of the commons because there is no clear winner.”
 Daniel Kammen - “Making ethanol from corn is a good thing if you want to offset fossil fuels from overseas. On the greenhouse gas side of things, it is not clear if corn, as grown today, is a good thing. We just don't know yet, but it appears to be a mildly good thing.”
 Dan Kammen - “Both state and federal support is critical to building a real ethanol industry. Real action is needed, and the 150 million per year President Bush promised is wholly insufficient.”