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 Mikhail Kamynin - “In the documents given to the Russian side by the Volcker Commission, there is no base of evidence, and they (the documents) could not be the basis for starting an investigation. Moreover, individual materials give doubts as to their authenticity.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “It has been Russia's position that the problem in relations with Ukraine must be settled at the level of the two countries' economic institutions. We have repeatedly called on the Ukrainian side not to politicize the issue.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “The Russian side has presented the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia with the necessary package of documents, on the basis of which the tribunal should decide to free Milosevic for a trip to Russia for treatment. Moreover, Milosevic himself has given the tribunal guarantees that he will return to The Hague immediately following the completion of his treatment.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “In this handwritten letter, Slobodan Milosevic speaks about an inadequate treatment conducted by doctors of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and is again asking for Russian support in getting permission for undergoing therapy at a medical facility in Moscow.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We expect the Palestinian leadership to take the most resolute steps to end rocket attacks on Israeli towns and any terrorist acts.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Political directors from six countries will discuss the report, which has only been published today, in Paris in early May.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Milosevic's advisers handed the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands a letter to the Russian Foreign Ministry on March 11, which we received yesterday afternoon.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We are convinced that neither sanctions nor the path of force will lead to a resolution of the problem.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Georgia is a sovereign state that decides on its own in what organization it should be represented.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We will only be able to talk about sanctions after we have concrete facts confirming that Iran is not exclusively involved in peaceful nuclear activities.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Sanctions could only be discussed when evidence is provided that Iran is pursuing not only peaceful work in the nuclear field.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “From this point of view the nuclear plant does not constitute any threat to the non-proliferation regime.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “The Russian side has confirmed its readiness to provide further military assistance to Afghanistan, including in personnel training and military equipment supplies.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We are convinced that the settlement of this problem should in no way lead to the emergence of a new hotbed of tension and further destabilization in the Middle East.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We are carefully studying suggestions to convene a special session of the IAEA Board of Governors to outline the agency's further steps, including plans to brief the UN Security Council on the Iranian matter.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “The formula of the enlargement of the Security Council must make it more representative and enhance the efficiency of its decisions.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “If the upcoming discussion in London and Vienna and other talks over this theme go off normally, the holding of such negotiations in Moscow in mid-February is possible.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “The end goal is the creation of an independent, viable Palestinian state living side by side with Israel in peace and security.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Only the Council is authorized to make binding decisions on suspending cooperation with a state in any sphere.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Up to now, the Security Council has taken no decision on ending cooperation with Iran in nuclear energy.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Today there are algorithms of cooperation with NATO that allow states to cooperate in the widest security spectrum without formal accession to the alliance.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “We would like to hope that Tehran will show readiness for the most serious cooperation.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “The arms export control system we have developed is one of the strictest and most reliable in the world. It rules out any possibility of misuse of weapons.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Tbilisi should be aware that all responsibility for the consequences of this provocation lies with the Georgian side.”
 Mikhail Kamynin - “Georgian military units were pulled out of the zone of conflict on the night from February 8 to February 9.”

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