My Favorite Quotes
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 Nyoman Kandun - “The government is now still mapping the conditions of the hospitals concerned.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “He was building his house and around it there were many chickens and birds running around. Researchers tested those birds and they tested positive for H5N1.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “We also received information today that an adult patient in West Sumatra has tested positive.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “We are observing 11 cases, including the one that died yesterday.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “Our task now as the government is to make sure the public do not panic. Just like when we get a bomb threat, we need to avoid panic. Up until now, there is no proof that there is human-to-human transfer.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “It's confirmed positive that she died from bird flu.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “Until now, we reported 63 suspected (cases) of bird flu.”
 Nyoman Kandun - “Whether or not her death was because of bird flu, we will wait before confirming, as is standard, from a laboratory in Hong Kong where her blood samples were sent to. The results would be known in about six days.”