My Favorite Quotes
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 Bryce Kaneshiro - “I thought we had it. We had tons of opportunities, especially on the throw-ins. I thought we'd get two or three in. Right now, it's the worst feeling, but I'm proud of the guys. They left their hearts on the field.”
 Bryce Kaneshiro - “I thought we were going to score one before the end of the game. We had a lot of opportunities on the long throw-ins. We just didn't put it in. I'm extremely proud of my guys.”
 Bryce Kaneshiro - “We were still in high spirits at halftime because we knew we would have the wind at our back.”
 Bryce Kaneshiro - “We know they like the flanks and like to serve it in and that Love can create on his own. We were worried about him being free, especially in the 18-yard-box. They basically scored on what we thought they would. It was a transition play.”