My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Kanon - “Having written about a place that was utterly destroyed, it struck me as interesting to look at a place that had come through the war almost literally unscathed, ... I thought, 'And yet and yet and yet ... Does any place really come out unscathed'”
 Joseph Kanon - “This must be I guess the most extreme form of unintended consequence, but it seemed to me a great metaphor for things that happen all the time.”
 Joseph Kanon - “Perhaps history and distance and time enable us to face things that nobody particularly wanted to look at at the time, but it's very important that all of this be known. How did this happen”
 Joseph Kanon - “This is the great crisis in Western culture there's nothing comparable to it. How it could have happened, the level of responsibility that people take for it, I think, is still the great issue.”
 Joseph Kanon - “One of the things that's always interested me, from the first book on, is unintended consequences,”