My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Kantor - “He met me in my office, and he didn't give me a handshake - he gave me a hug. He was a great kid.”
 Jason Kantor - “There are several drivers for potential earnings growth that I don't think are reflected in the stock.”
 Jason Kantor - “We remain cautious until we see significant evidence of accelerating sales, operational and commercial execution, and improved long-term visibility on sales and earnings growth.”
 Mark Kantor - “These drinks are marketing ploys. I'm not aware of any scientific data that they do what they say they're going to do - and they can be very dangerous to your health.”
 Sandor Kantor - “By Monday, our gas imports from Russia have fallen by over 40.”
 Sandor Kantor - “This amount isn't missing from our system, and since the weather was good, we didn't really need it.”
 Sandor Kantor - “Normal conditions have resumed in both pipes, the quantity and pressure of the gas is stable.”
 Sandor Kantor - “Gas shipments are now down by more than 25 per cent after a 5 to 10 per cent fall in the morning so starting tomorrow, we're ordering big consumers to switch to oil.”
 Jason Kantor - “It's not necessary to sell the company, they could to a (licensing) deal.”
 Jason Kantor - “It's clear that there is an increased investor focus, government focus and public focus on anything to do with infectious diseases, particularly flu.”
 Mark Kantor - “If someone is addicted to chocolate, this may be a better choice than other chocolate bars. But to think that you are going to lower blood cholesterol levels, or chance of heart disease, by eating two of these a day - that is just wishful thinking.”
 Jason Kantor - “You're in your 40s and you've got breast cancer, but everybody in your family has died of a heart attack. It's clear that for the appropriate people this is going to be the appropriate treatment.”
 Mark Kantor - “You can't assume something's dangerous just because there is no scientific evidence that it is. But it does leave open this question ... There's the potential for adverse effects to come out in some sort of study or an actual case. Potentially, it could backfire on them.”