My Favorite Quotes
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 Kenny Kapinga - “He was flashing his hazards for the oncoming traffic to give way for him until he had a head-on collision with a brand new Range Rover and died on the spot. We have good roads but the immature drivers translate that availability of good roads into flying on the roads.”
 Kenny Kapinga - “They (Fire Department and medical rescue teams) are the ones who are well trained for rescuing people. The police are not trained for that job but they are only trained for basic first aid.”
 Kenny Kapinga - “These acts are a reflection of the level of barbarism that occur in our society. It shows that people easily lose control of their temper.”
 Kenny Kapinga - “People refuse to answer many questions because they feel that we are wasting their airtime. This is the reason why the police call for help while they are already at the scene.”