My Favorite Quotes
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 Ashu Kakkar - “Markets looked poised for further gains. Expect volatility in the short-term.”
 Roy Mlakar - “The strength of the Ottawa Senators is and always will be its full-season ticket package base. More and more of our games are selling out in advance of game days, making each season ticket that much more valuable with scarcity.”
 Cyrus Kar - “At first, Kar said, he was suspicious. I was scared that the government might have sent him to spy on me, ... No detainee in solitary confinement was allowed to talk to any other detainee, so it was unusual. The MPs said that it was allowed only because we both were 'cleared.' Eventually, I realized he was not a spy, and I warmed up to him.”
 Prakash Javadekar - “The government is just trying to sneak in single brand retail companies. The BJP will therefore oppose every attempt to allow FDI in this key sector.”
 Samarjit Shankar - “The dollar will continue to be supported by growth and interest rate differentials.”
 Samarjit Shankar - “You should expect the downtrend in euro to resume. The Fed will still raise rates at least twice more, and the U.S. is likely to continue to outpace the euro zone in terms of growth momentum.”
 Sachin Tendulkar - “We used to call him the 'Shadow Man' for this habit of his.”
 Sachin Tendulkar - “He always used to look at his shadow and run his fingers through his hair.”
 Rakesh Shankar - “This report marks a healthy start to the gasoline buildup for the summer driving season. A few more weeks of this kind of healthy build will help further assure the market that gasoline prices this summer will head south.”
 R. Ambedkar - “History bears out the proposition that political revolutions have always been preceded by social and religious revolutions. Social reform in India has few friends and many critics.”
 Krishna Shankar - “Intel has a history of making smooth leadership transitions.”
 Mohamed Abukar - “Indiana definitely has a lot of history and definitely is a storied program. But that's really not on my mind. I'm not worried about what they were. I'm worried about what they are right now.”
 Abdulsalami Abubakar - “One party is aggrieved and is seeking redress. I hope he will accept whatever result is obtained from the outcome of the investigation and he has agreed to that.”
 Krishna Shankar - “This is disappointing. It sounds like a combination of both weaker demand for PCs and the continuing impact of some of these inventory excesses hurt them. All in all, it's a pessimistic near-term outlook.”
 R. Ambedkar - “Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “We have already announced commitments for various services facilities in India for which we would put in some 185 million in phases.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “There is a tremendous shortage of pilots in India.”
 R. Ambedkar - “The basis of my politics lies in the proposition that the Untouchables are not a sub-division or sub-section of Hindus, and that they are a separate and distinct element in the national life of India.”
 R. Ambedkar - “We are Indians, firstly and lastly.”
 Uday Bhaskar - “The hike is modest and marks a standstill kind of a situation and it just about caters to inflation.”
 Krishna Shankar - “Intel will be a key beneficiary of any kind of recovery in information technology IT spending in 2004 and 2005.”
 Uday Bhaskar - “The message to Khaleda Zia should be that it is in your own interest to crack down on Islamic militants.”
 Cyrus Kar - “You terrorist You here to kill Americans”
 Rakesh Shankar - “After a relatively swift recovering following the devastating hurricanes late last year, refinery utilization moderated sharply since the beginning of this year, and is yet to meaningfully recover.”
 Cyrus Kar - “Do you actually have lawyers here”

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