My Favorite Quotes
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 S.K.R. Amarasekara - “We are now sensitizing the government and international organizations on the need to provide more resources to us to counter any possible outbreak.”
 Thomas Sankara - “I can hear the roar of women's silence.”
 Thomas Sankara - “The French revolution taught us the rights of man.”
 Thomas Sankara - “Our revolution in Burkina Faso draws on the totality of man's experiences since the first breath of humanity. We wish to be the heirs of all the revolutions of the world, of all the liberation struggles of the peoples of the Third World. We draw the lessons of the American revolution.”
 Glenn Takara - “Our defense was good. We gotta try to carry it over to the next game. We can still get better, but we're on the right path now.”
 Glenn Takara - “It worked out good for us, because we played at their gym first, and then at ours. (Kamehameha) had a real good game plan last night and they executed it well. But tonight we came to play mentally.”
 Glenn Takara - “That was their game plan, and it just so happened that our shots didn't fall. We tried to make adjustments and get different players in the game.”
 Amit Kara - “King's comments are consistent with rates remaining on hold for the foreseeable future. House prices and consumer spending are picking up, while the service sector remains the engine of the economy.”
 Amit Kara - “The committee will require a sustained and significant deviation of such data to revise its forecast.”
 Glenn Takara - “I told them to calm down and handle the press. We were a little too cautious.”
 S.K.R. Amarasekara - “But it is not bird flu virus.”
 Glenn Takara - “For me, they got back to just playing basketball. I think they got a little too mechanical. Even if we call a certain play or offense, there will be times when it's not going to be open. You have to play basketball.”
 Glenn Takara - “We had our fun, but now it's back to basketball.”
 Amit Kara - “With house prices still looking robust, the chance of the bank cutting rates is slim. They are not going to jeopardize the soft landing they achieved for the housing market last year.”
 Amit Kara - “Growth is picking up and indicators are pointing to this continuing. This quarter, the Bank of England will be looking at the composition of growth, in particular whether consumption holds up.”
 Amit Kara - “We don't see inflation shooting up because of what has happened in the labor market. I have a fairly benign outlook for inflation, in line with the Bank of England forecast.”
 Sankara - “The spirit is smothered, as it were, by ignorance, but so soon as ignorance is destroyed, spirit shine forth, like the sun when released from clouds.”
 Sankara - “Like an image in a dream the world is troubled by love, hatred, and other poisons. So long as the dream lasts, the image appears to be real but on awaking it vanishes.”