My Favorite Quotes
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 Osman Karahan - “My client has been a warrior for Islam for the last 10 years.”
 Osman Karahan - “He's been involved in this for 15 years.”
 Osman Karahan - “Actually, he does not deny his past activities. We are people who work for justice, so we want to tell the truth. Things need to be taken out of the shadows.”
 Osman Karahan - “If non-Muslims go into Muslim lands, it is every Muslim's obligation to fight them .”
 Osman Karahan - “This information came from my client and other sources and I have no doubt of its authenticity.”
 Osman Karahan - “If we open this door, tomorrow we will be judging those who fast or those who pray.”
 Osman Karahan - “After the growing demands of the British media and family, we decided to say where the body is located.”
 Osman Karahan - “These events happened because of the state of war... because of the British attitude to the occupation of Iraq.”