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 Prakash Karat - “The government preferred to hold discussions only on those issues where it wanted the Left's support in parliament in terms of numbers.”
 Prakash Karat - “After what he has said about the Left parties he should be recalled. We expect a response from the government.”
 Prakash Karat - “Deployment of personnel from outside the state, who are not familiar with the local language, can create problems and lead to lack of coordination.”
 Prakash Karat - “The Prime Minister has got the Chief Minister's letter by now. We expect a response from him.”
 Brinda Karat - “We have been demanding that particularly in the case of minors you must have a time-bound system. Because of witnesses changing, the victims do not want justice because of the torture that she undergoes.”
 Prakash Karat - “At that point of time that was the situation, and today there is no point in talking of what happened. Nothing is static and there is no ditching also.”
 Brinda Karat - “Using the popularity of television channels, he is selling drugs which are adulterated. This is a huge breach of trust to his followers.”
 Prakash Karat - “Victory in these states will hopefully strengthen our intervention at the national level.”
 Prakash Karat - “Our protest is not only against Bush's visit to India but also against the American policies in the world.”
 Brinda Karat - “Now, when BJP is in opposition, it has raised the issue again.”
 Prakash Karat - “It means that Americans expect you to have a quid pro quo on other issues, not just nuclear power.”
 Prakash Karat - “If you take a hard look, a similar situation prevails in India right now. And there is merit in retaining the existing restrictions when all economic indicators are positive.”
 Brinda Karat - “The government has taken a very wrong decision. They have put all ethics of transparency and justice aside. The manner in which the bidding and contracting out to private consortiums has been conducted has raised serious doubts about the legality of the process.”
 Prakash Karat - “The situation has changed. We just want the government to take a decision in national interest.”
 Brinda Karat - “The government has taken a very wrong decision.”
 Prakash Karat - “We have decided to call for a debate in Parliament.”
 Prakash Karat - “The steps taken by the EC are not conducive to cheap modes of campaigning. We consider this contrary to the aim of widening democratic participation.”
 Prakash Karat - “Congress and other secular parties should be concerned about these developments.”
 Prakash Karat - “We regret that the Congress party has come forward to make friendship with America.”
 Prakash Karat - “The stand India has taken according to us is not in conformity with the pursuit of an independent foreign policy. It is in our national interest to maintain good relations with Iran.”
 Prakash Karat - “In the last 20 months, the Left has raised many issues and we have given at least 19 written notes to the coordination committee on different issues. We feel it has not been productive in the way it should have been.”
 Brinda Karat - “This is our festival and on this day we are all Indians. We celebrate the festival by maintaining the spirit of brotherhood.”
 Prakash Karat - “Ambassador Mulford has no business to behave not like an Ambassador. An Ambassador has to behave under certain norms.”
 Prakash Karat - “I can understand an American Senator or a Congressman making some comment. Even I can go to the US and make some criticism. I have no problem with that. But an ambassador has to behave according to certain norms.”
 Prakash Karat - “The US Ambassador does not seem to understand how to behave as an ambassador in this country. An ambassador has to behave according to certain norms.”

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