My Favorite Quotes
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 Derek Karcich - “We're not going to go undefeated anymore. That's over with. Now we just take it one game at a time.”
 Derek Karcich - “We left a lot of guys on, especially in scoring position. We did the usual...we got a guy on, sacrificed him over to second and we just didn't finish. Our hitting didn't show up today. We didn't get the timely hits we got in the first four games.”
 Derek Karcich - “I can't wait to get things rolling. Can we be contenders Yes. Can we play defense Yes. My expectations are always high.”
 Derek Karcich - “It's a group of kids that have been playing together for a few years, have taken the bad and lived through it and know that it's now their time.”
 Derek Karcich - “They're solid up and down their line-up. I knew they were the number one team. They've got the hitters. We don't have the hitting right now.”