My Favorite Quotes
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 William Karesh - “It's a race against this virus. And the clock is ticking. The challenge now is can we make enough vaccine to protect the world”
 William Karesh - “It makes the disease self-limiting in wild birds.”
 William Karesh - “It's an easy thing to do and if we don't get it under control in poultry, every year it's going to get back in wild birds and every year it's going to spread around again and we'll never get this thing under control.”
 William Karesh - “Vaccines and drugs are important, but that's your back-up if all else fails. If we can eliminate the disease in poultry and get it under control we're halfway to being a lot safer.”
 William Karesh - “If it changes to be able to go easily from human to human, it will have disastrous consequences if we're not prepared.”
 William Karesh - “We start at a market somewhere in Guangdong Province in China. And it's packed with cages, and you'll have chickens, and you'll have ducks. You might have some other animals -- cats, dogs, turtles, snakes -- and they're all stacked in cages, and they're all spreading their germs to each other.”