My Favorite Quotes
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 Abdul Karim - “I've been looking forward to seeing the trial of the criminal, ... I feel that my sister's soul will not go wasted if I could see Saddam dead.”
 Abdullahi Karim - “Now he sees the opposition is getting stronger, he's looking for a scapegoat ... This is a Chadian problem.”
 Abdul Karim - “This constitution was written by the occupation and will never change anything in the country,”
 Abdul Karim - “I'll say yes, yes to the constitution with all 10 of my fingers, ... My daughters were so excited, and I wanted the new generation to see democracy.”
 Abdul Karim - “Even a teenager here can identify pure gold. So we cannot afford any cheating.”
 Abdul Karim - “It's not an explosive that is available on the market except for highly sophisticated, organized groups capable of getting it from certain governments or states,”