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 Tatsuro Karitani - “In the near-term, the euro seems to be hostage to downside risks against the Japanese yen due to growing interest for Asian currencies as a whole, and this is likely to weigh on the euro against the dollar.”
 Tatsuro Karitani - “But the dollar will remain top-heavy due to lingering concerns over an eventual end of the zero interest rate policy in Japan and uncertainty over the prospect for the Chinese yuan.”
 Tatsuro Karitani - “It seems that the ECB is now in a wait-and-see mode following the rate hike in December, which means that interest rate differentials between the US and Europe will not start narrowing (any time soon).”
 Tatsuro Karitani - “The unexpectedly strong result is likely to prompt yen buying particularly from foreign investors who take it as a sign that Japan's structural reforms will make progress.”
 Tatsuro Karitani - “Many Japanese importers will have their last business day of the year on Wednesday. They needed the dollar for the year-end settlements of their businesses.”
 Tatsuro Karitani - “The headline figure was only in line with expectations and therefore it did not have any impact on market perceptions about near-term monetary policy management by the Bank of Japan.”