My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Karkow - “It was a bit of a nail-biter. He passed the point at which we thought he was going to take off.”
 Jon Karkow - “It was a beautiful day, much better than yesterday.”
 Jon Karkow - “It could go either way at this point. There is some pessimism and some optimism. It's going to be interesting the whole way around.”
 Jon Karkow - “The winds over the Atlantic will be crucial, and the team at Mission Control is working round the clock analyzing the movements of the jet streams. Steve will continue to search out the best winds even the smallest increase in speed will bring the record closer.”
 Jon Karkow - “Right now, we are showing very little-to-nil margin on making the range necessary to get to Kent. It is a big concern.”
 Jon Karkow - “The flight may still be possible. But the jet streams are not ideal. It is a big concern.”