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 George Karl - “We've always worked through it. We've always picked ourselves up. I trust this team is going to do the same thing on Thursday.”
 George Karl - “I think he can emulate some of what Eddie gives us. I have trust in him to the point where I can play him in the end-of-game situations.”
 Ryan Karl - “I've been making some good plays and catching the coaches' eyes lately. Just hopefully, I get their trust.”
 George Karl - “I think Memphis probably doesn't want to play us and L.A. probably wants us because Memphis has struggled winning in Denver. But, the truth of the matter, we're all basically about the same.”
 George Karl - “It took me a few minutes to get that ugly feeling out of my stomach.”
 George Karl - “Mark's a good personnel person, but I don't remember a vote on that one.”
 George Karl - “Sometimes I think we try to overcomplicate it. Truth of the matter is you probably should just vote the honest way. I think you have to reward the guys who you think are All-Stars.”
 George Karl - “I don't think that's on my list of priorities right now. But I would think the philosophy of coaching, yes (he will). But I'm not going to waste my energy thinking about (that now).”
 George Karl - “We settled for jump shots. I'll have to watch the tape to see if there was any defense.”
 Kurt Karl - “It's a solid, strong report. But we have to remember we are coming from a very weak fourth quarter, so this is mainly a rebound from those weak levels. Consumption and investment remain strong and inflation keeps ticking up, but most of it is still related to oil prices. This could bode well for markets this Friday.”
 Kurt Karl - “It is unclear if things are slowing down or speeding up given all the volatility we've had in weather and oil prices.”
 George Karl - “To let Vince Carter flop two calls and get the whistle to end that game, I was disappointed because the effort and energy of (the Nuggets) I thought should have been stood up for. Vince Carter flopped both of them and got the call. There was a rumor out of the league office that we're trying to take flopping out of the game, but I don't think that was orchestrated in those two calls.”
 George Karl - “I think he's special in that area. He's a guy that's totally unselfish. . . . It's wonderful to have. I just think he's a guy trying to win games. So many players in the NBA are focused in on other things.”
 George Karl - “The first time I saw Earl be a force in the fourth quarter was when he was with the Warriors a few years back. I thought I'd rest some players and put in the little guys. It worked out.”
 George Karl - “I enjoy attitudes. They're a challenge. Ten years ago they were pains, but now it's funny to me how some players act. I like it. It's stimulating.”
 George Karl - “I love his talent. I really think point guards have so much to learn in our game, when to be aggressive, when not to be aggressive, when to shoot. It seems like he has lost a little confidence in those areas, but talent wise he will be an NBA player for a lot of years. He's just going to have to learn how to fit in a little bit better.”
 George Karl - “I feel great about winning the division, but let's celebrate when (it happens). Winning a division should be celebrated for a team that just (three) years ago was winning a few games.”
 George Karl - “The more you look at 'em on film, the more you don't like 'em. The more you remember what they said. The more you don't like how they act. It's like being married for seven years. It gets annoying, a little bit.”
 Coby Karl - “I've known Andre (Miller) for about ten years since he's been at the University of Utah. It's good to hear his voice and his support. All those things are good. I appreciate the support from all my friends and family. Everything's kinda in the past right now. Surgery went well, and I'm happy to be here for spring break.”
 George Karl - “This was as intense a game as we've had all season long. There is an intensity between these two teams as a result of the playoff series a few years ago.”
 George Karl - “Phoenix played with more energy, desire and urgency tonight. The Suns were hungrier. There is a possibility we started the All-Star break yesterday.”
 Ken Karl - “A lot of people tried to help. That was good.”
 George Karl - “I think it's probably a list of five or six things. It's pain, it's not scoring, not being more involved in the offense, not playing more minutes. The list is incredibly long, probably.”
 George Karl - “He felt it would guarantee that it would remove the pain. Eddie has been playing so well and been such a factor with his defensive aggressiveness, he wants to continue at that level.”
 George Karl - “I thought just the opposite would happen with us coming out fast. Instead, the opposite happened and we were outworked and outplayed.”

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