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 George Karl - “We played great in the second half. We had many opportunities to come back, but they always made a shot and made a play.”
 George Karl - “This is a harder game to play than most people think it is, where there's a little bit of an energy adrift.”
 George Karl - “They're going to get their minutes from foul trouble, 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes. They've got to learn how to play that way. That's what they're going to get early in their careers. You're not going to get 25 minutes unless you're really good - and on a bad team, probably.”
 George Karl - “I'm hoping to get him to where he starts practicing every day because I think he needs to strengthen his game and condition his game in practice as much as play games.”
 George Karl - “It will be hands-on. In certain situations, (players) might be able to work out in both places. I mean it's only a 20-minute drive.”
 George Karl - “There are always days during the year you think kind of messes with what the coach wants, ... Picture day. Ball- signing day. Sponsor day. All those things everybody wants to kind of steal and touch the players. I understand that. I thought we had a pretty good practice despite it.”
 George Karl - “We have been dealing with injury all year long and our perseverance is our personality. This is something we have to persevere through, and we only have maybe eight or nine bodies healthy for practice, and that will limit us in how much we really go at practice.”
 George Karl - “Most teams have three or four guys that knock down threes. That's not our personality.”
 George Karl - “With Premier's Perception Advisor, we'll receive quality feedback from patients just a few days after their discharge. Furthermore, we'll be able to focus our questions in areas where patient satisfaction is low to get to the root of a problem and identify solutions.”
 George Karl - “It will be fun to be back in Milwaukee. But the first game is kind of your revenge. Getting the win now allows you be free of ghosts of the past.”
 George Karl - “There's some disappointment, but you don't dominate a good team.”
 George Karl - “My biggest disappointment is, I don't think most of the players on this team have been given respect by the media . . . on what a hell of a year they've had. I have seven or eight guys that I want to go kiss, I want to go hug.”
 George Karl - “It's a huge disappointment. This is not a team looking to play in the right direction.”
 George Karl - “We had a nice flow in the third quarter where we had a lot of confidence in our defense and they had difficulty controlling Melo and our transition game.”
 George Karl - “I thought we had to win out (before Wednesday). Right now, our destiny is going to be difficult.”
 George Karl - “I'm not going to deny that coaching in the NBA used to be easier. ... My basic philosophy is we've gone from dictator to democracy. I've got some power, but it's not dictatorial.”
 George Karl - “I think he just wants to get better. He understands that great players get better, that great players are consistently improving. His best asset in the summertime was his defense, which was most improved. He's in his stance, and much more alert.”
 George Karl - “It's what's in your gut. It's sad. It hurts me. It's not something I'd like to do or want to do. But I think it is the right decision.”
 George Karl - “It wakes you up. It slaps you around. There was a period of time when I first found out that you wake thinking of death a lot. It's an uneasy feeling.”
 Kurt Karl - “The death of the housing market is greatly exaggerated. Home sales will come off but just a bit.”
 George Karl - “Remember how bad you were two years ago ... Two years ago, people would have been in danger.”
 Coby Karl - “It's going to be fun. The crowd is going to be on our back and it's going to be loud. Some of us have gone through the same situations, and it will be interesting to see how the other guys respond. It will be fun to play against that many people.”
 George Karl - “And it wasn't necessarily because they were bigger. I just think, sometimes our rebounding habits we rely so much on Marcus that we forget about doing our responsibilities. It's usually better to watch film than make that criticism, but I thought there were some balls that bounced on the ground.”
 George Karl - “Energy. Rotation. To put my best teams on the court. . . . To cover Sam. To get more minutes of a strong defender on Sam as I can.”
 George Karl - “You've got great defense and you don't have to double-team the paint. Your energy can be committed to covering other strengths on the court. They're both top defenders and proven offensive players.”

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