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 George Karl - “They didn't earn the right to be out there on the court. If they want to talk about it, I'll talk about it. If they want to take responsibility and go on, that's fine too.”
 George Karl - “Our big guys aren't on the court enough.”
 George Karl - “I don't think there's any question (Anthony should be on the team). The thing that Melo has to understand is probably his team concepts. I think everybody has seen his talent, his defense, his trust, developing those things. What we're seeing, and I think most U.S. Olympic people are feeling, is we've got to put a team on the court.”
 George Karl - “I just wish that Andre or Carmelo would get half the calls that Kobe Bryant gets. I mean, it's very frustrating when sometimes on your home court you don't get a good whistle.”
 George Karl - “We want him to psychologically get over it. We're not going to rush him on the court.”
 George Karl - “(The Wizards) made their shots and we didn't cover anyone tonight. I'm tired of excuses. I am not proud of the effort we gave tonight on both sides of the court. We needed to play a complete game and it just didn't happen tonight.”
 George Karl - “Everybody wants Denver That's fine. We'll be there. We'll show up, we'll be on the court and we'll be ready.”
 George Karl - “When we took Kenyon and Carmelo off the court in the fourth quarter it wasn't pretty.”
 George Karl - “He needed help. He needed someone else to help space the court, space the defense away from him. We never could find that guy.”
 George Karl - “It was not a give-and-take conversation.”
 George Karl - “I thought in that 45-minute conversation, we moved towards each other.”
 George Karl - “I thought he took a big step in last year's playoffs. Even though we didn't win, he got better control of Bruce Bowen (as the series progressed).”
 George Karl - “The key was our defensive effort in the third quarter and Melo kind of taking control of the game offensively.”
 George Karl - “Rebounding is a fundamental that in the last six weeks we have lost control over. Evans gives us another option.”
 George Karl - “Kenyon wears his emotions on his sleeve. Sometimes I probably still do it, too. I don't know what (happened). I support Kenyon and I support the league. The league is trying to police and control actions (of players). This (the fine) will probably be good for (Martin).”
 George Karl - “Defensively, I thought we had a much better control of Parker and Duncan than we had in the past. I thought up in Denver, we didn't double-team as much. We kind of went to the double-team a lot more. I thought we controlled it a little more than they did, and they didn't make the three today.”
 George Karl - “They had a confidence this morning. They were just fed up with playing so many close games against this team and not winning it. Defensively I thought we had much better control of (Tony) Parker and Duncan than we had in the past.”
 George Karl - “He's become a consistent stud.”
 George Karl - “I think a lot of our success comes when we played good defense, get deflections. We lacked a defensive consciousness on a consistent basis.”
 George Karl - “Last year we had a different mentality of a honeymoon, excitement, enthusiasm. This year we've had very good moments. In general, I would say we've had a very good year, but we have to become more consistent.”
 George Karl - “We played in a pretty intense, consistent rhythm the whole seven games. The energy in the first quarter made us confident enough. (The Hornets) never scared us. They never got mentally into our heads.”
 George Karl - “It's been pretty consistent when we've gone with the three little guards and tricked up the game a little with the zone. The tempo has gotten to where I like it.”
 George Karl - “I'm kind of the conservative guy in the office right now because I do like my team.”
 George Karl - “I don't know if we're confident right now. But they will be on Thursday. Confidence can change in a practice and a game.”
 George Karl - “The great thing about the NBA is confidence comes in a one-game winning streak a lot of times. That's what we need a one-game winning streak.”

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