My Favorite Quotes
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 Annabel Karmel - “This Asquith research highlights the fact that children, even very young children, are much more sophisticated about their food than grown-ups often give them credit for. Whilst young children will always like foods such as pizza, chips and sausages it's up to us to ensure that healthy options are given preference and presented in ways that appeal. When children are introduced to spicy, flavoursome foods they invariably love it.”
 Annabel Karmel - “We condition our children to like stereotyped children's food but left to their own devices children like things like curries.”
 Annabel Karmel - “You will know exactly what the ingredients are, you can introduce a wide range of foods and your baby will get used to eating like the rest of the family, so the transition to family meals will be easier.”
 Annabel Karmel - “There is nothing better for your baby than making your own fresh baby food, and it is cheaper than buying the commercial variety,”