My Favorite Quotes
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 Bela Karolyi - “They have to have a home, something they can be proud of. They have to have somewhere they can say, 'I'm going to the ranch. I'm going to the temple of gymnastics. I'm going to show my stuff. I'm going to be selected.'”
 Martha Karolyi - “I was pleased because we are at the beginning of the season. For this time of the year they did an excellent job.”
 Martha Karolyi - “Strength of character . . . I cannot stress how important it is. She has all the chances. She's a world-class gymnast.”
 Martha Karolyi - “After an Olympic year, and this is typical when the whole Olympic team goes out, the number of gymnasts is not as big. But we have at least six exciting juniors who will be seniors next year. We will keep our system, we will do periodic training camps and we'll take them to bigger competitions.”
 Bela Karolyi - “You are already winners every time you step into this gym. And, parents, you are to be congratulated.”
 Martha Karolyi - “I'm one of the people who, from the beginning, said that it's not bad that we will be counting the difficulty skills. This system also gives extremely big importance to the precise execution.”
 Bela Karolyi - “I think the ones who are involved in this part of the gymnastic activity in this part of the country are surely deserving of all the congratulations. I hope that in a few years this program will be at the top of whole country.”
 Bela Karolyi - “I know that this is the greatest promotion besides the Olympic games that we can give to the country. These towns are going crazy to see these Olympic champions live.”
 Martha Karolyi - “It's a very good thing. We always like to have a certain number of high-level gymnasts pushing each other, because there is a good competition. Everybody would like to come out on top. ... But we reinforce the idea that if you're doing your very best for yourself you're helping the team.”
 Bela Karolyi - “She has a great perspective. She's young. She's only 14 years old. You can imagine for how many more years she can represent the United States, and how many great victories she can obtain in international competition. We're looking to see her in many years from now on.”
 Martha Karolyi - “Without this program, we cannot say we have a national program. We definitely are fighting to stay on the very top and be on the podium. The competition is getting tougher ... but we feel like our system worked very well.”
 Martha Karolyi - “I am thinking it's possibly workable. The FIG will have to see how it turns out in the competition situation, and I'm sure they will be doing some small adjustments because it's a big departure from what we've had before.”
 Bela Karolyi - “I am very impressed with what I have seen here. I could not imagine arriving in northwest Arkansas to see a facility with the magnitude, with the beauty, and with the arrangement of whatever is in there that goes beyond the imagination.”
 Martha Karolyi - “It's a system where you accumulate points for difficulty. With the (execution score) you are appreciating the moves, which gives it a good balance.”