My Favorite Quotes
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 Anthony Karydakis - “The data shows an undiminished appetite on the part of foreigners for U.S. securities, which means there's still a healthy demand for U.S. dollars that more than offsets the trade deficit.”
 Anthony Karydakis - “All these things worked together to cause the market turnaround. There was a sense that the selling had been way, way overdone beyond any rationale. The economy is still weak and the Fed is going to ease.”
 Anthony Karydakis - “A reasonable interpretation is they're going to go again in May unless the ( economic) numbers make a compelling case against.”
 Anthony Karydakis - “When push comes to shove, the Fed will opt in an unmistakable fashion to preserve the inflation achievements they have. They will be very willing to sacrifice some growth for a while to keep inflation under control.”
 Anthony Karydakis - “They are confirming in their own subtle way there are some more moves ahead, whether it is one, two or three rises.”