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 Hamid Karzai - “Carter had many, many years of work for peace in a very concerted way, in a very human way, and I congratulate him, he deserved it better than I. I'll try for next year,”
 Hamid Karzai - “years of war and disaster.”
 Hamid Karzai - “That is why we are making history after 30 years of wars, interventions, occupations and misery.”
 Hamid Karzai - “It will not end this year. It will not end next year. We may have it for many years to come. So Afghanistan will continue to have security incidents as it builds its security institutions.”
 Hamid Karzai - “We see the continuation of terrorist activities directed against the Afghan people. India and Afghanistan will jointly fight to eliminate this menace from the region and the world,”
 Hamid Karzai - “With God's help in the future, no one will do these kinds of things any more. We hope God will help the people of Afghanistan.”
 Hamid Karzai - “There will be threats ... but that would not deter the Afghan people from participating. We will soon have a parliament,”
 Hamid Karzai - “to thank the French people for the help France has given Afghanistan.”
 Hamid Karzai - “Whoever is found guilty of connection with terrorism, of connection with the perpetration of atrocities against the Afghan people -- they will be found, and they will be tried, ... Meet the Press.”
 Hamid Karzai - “This flag ... is raised not without costs, ... without the costs of having struggled for many years, without the costs of having lost so many lives in order to have a free and sovereign and good Afghanistan.”
 Hamid Karzai - “In my opinion, and also in the opinion of many, many Afghans, events in Afghanistan has proven that terrorism has no place in here, that it's defeated, that it's gone,”
 Hamid Karzai - “The fight, this war, this fight against the remnants of terrorism will go on for some time, ... The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.”
 Hamid Karzai - “Improvement in relations between India and Pakistan is a necessity for this whole region and overtakes every other consideration.”
 Hamid Karzai - “The nature of the war on terrorism in Afghanistan has changed now,”
 Hamid Karzai - “They will be given to justice. They have committed a murder, and let justice decide. Let the courts decide.”
 Hamid Karzai - “I don't think there is a big need for military activity in Afghanistan anymore,”
 Hamid Karzai - “I have no information about this, and I got the information through media.”
 Hamid Karzai - “He can't run the parliament, but it won't eat him alive - and a fractured parliament is better than a majority working against him.”
 Hamid Karzai - “It's a powerful institution that Afghans will listen to.”
 Hamid Karzai - “It is a great pleasure for me to be in France. I have come to thank France for all it has done and all it is doing to help Afghanistan,”
 Hamid Karzai - “If we find him, we will arrest him -- today, tomorrow, whenever. He's one man, and one man can easily hide, can easily take a motor bike and go places.”
 Hamid Karzai - “After the 23 years of war and disaster in Afghanistan, to be known for peace is really nice and enjoyable, but I believe President Carter deserved it,”
 Hamid Karzai - “He's a very peaceful person, ... He has enormous capabilities of dialogue and enormous diplomatic skill to negotiate, and is a person who really believes that Afghan national unity is the fundamental resource that we have to establish peace in Afghanistan.”
 Hamid Karzai - “The major lesson in Afghanistan was that the Afghan people wanted change, from the tyranny of terrorism, ... The Iraqi people also will gain nothing if they allow these people to come from outside and destroy their lives. They must go to polls. They must take this opportunity, elect their people to parliament, and have a government of their own, and have peace. That's a desire for them and a way out for them, from our side.”
 Hamid Karzai - “His presence there, I'm sure, will add to stability and peace in Afghanistan.”

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