My Favorite Quotes
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 Hamid Karzai - “The people of Iran, not only in our fight against terrorism and in our jihad, they cooperated. But they also accepted more than 2 million afghan and they supported them and provided education for the children of Afghanistan. For this also we are very grateful.”
 Hamid Karzai - “We are glad and happy for what Pakistan is now doing on their territory to chase terrorists and to arrest them,”
 Hamid Karzai - “We are very happy that this went on peacefully, we are very happy that the Afghan people came to participate so massively. That's what I care about -- the will of the Afghan people, and I'm sure the Afghan people have voted freely, without fear, without intimidation.”
 Hamid Karzai - “Do you accept this Cabinet,”
 Hamid Karzai - “The Cabinet decided that the suspects will be announced, that they would be arrested and they would be brought to justice. The Cabinet is fully, fully united.”
 Hamid Karzai - “When the Afghans leave that facility, it's none of our business what happens there.”
 Hamid Karzai - “rebuilding Afghanistan and developing friendly trade and business ties between our countries.”
 Hamid Karzai - “Let us stop this blame game. Instead of blaming Afghanistan, the international community must come and fulfill its own objective to the Afghan people.”
 Hamid Karzai - “We have received reassurances that the United States will continue to support Afghanistan, that the attention there will be focused and continuous and that Iraq will not reduce attention from Afghanistan or the amount of help given to Afghanistan,”
 Hamid Karzai - “I am saddened that the lives of many Afghan people, mainly soldiers serving the Afghan nation, were lost, ... I condemn the attack in the strongest terms.”
 Hamid Karzai - “Terrorism will remain to affect us, will remain to attack us, for much more time to come, ... What is important for us right now is to continue to ... strengthen democratic institutions.”
 Hamid Karzai - “has been unwilling to assert strong leadership.”
 Hamid Karzai - “As the country now turns a new leaf, our ambition is to give hope to each and every Afghan.”
 Hamid Karzai - “more fighting in the weeks ahead.”
 Hamid Karzai - “For many years ahead of us the international community will need to be with us, helping us,”
 Hamid Karzai - “we will tell them, 'go ahead and run this country.'”
 Hamid Karzai - “parts of the Muslim world today suffer from stagnation, violence and a weakening of state institutions which curtail their ability to address the demands of their populations.”
 Hamid Karzai - “We have a duty before our people to deliver, to the best of our ability, an Afghanistan that is free, stable, prosperous and enjoying a dignified place in the region and the world.”

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