My Favorite Quotes
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 Alexander Kashlinsky - “Where they lived, how big they were, how much light they emitted, whether they even existed, we weren't sure. What we've done, we think, is obtain the first information about these stars.”
 Alexander Kashlinsky - “For these stars to have produced a signal this strong, they had to be very massive stars, much bigger than what we see in the Universe.”
 Alexander Kashlinsky - “We think we are seeing the collective light from millions of the first objects to form in the universe. The objects disappeared eons ago, yet their light is still traveling across the universe.”
 Alexander Kashlinsky - “If these earliest stars were very massive and formed in the standard cosmological mode, they should have left a signature in the fluctuations of the CIB. That's the signal we sought to measure with these observations.”
 Alexander Kashlinsky - “It took us over a year to convince ourselves that we did the calculations well. But we found the same signal at all wavelengths.”