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 John Kasich - “The president's finally caught up to us on that, ... We want to save every dime for Social Security -- we're going to need it to create individual retirement accounts and keep Social Security from melting down. So that's a good proposal.”
 John Kasich - “The U.S. can and should remain strongly engaged internationally, because regional instability will not solve itself. But we must choose our tools very carefully, for the stakes do not allow failure. Power is a finite quantity if we expend it all over the world, we diminish ourselves.”
 John Kasich - “If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world, for future generations, we can't ignore the quality of the environment we leave them.”
 John Kasich - “We just really do not have the kind of bold document that we would like to see that would be a message to people that there really is change in Washington, that the era of big government is over,”
 John Kasich - “It is our mission in this city to ship power, money and influence back to the people, ... The more money we have in our pockets, the more power we have.”
 John Kasich - “The president has to work with us, we're willing to work with him, and this is an opportunity for him to show real leadership. I hope they don't blow this chance.”
 John Kasich - “This is a good budget that will allow us to have the money we need to fix social Security for over three generations,”
 John Kasich - “there's no question about it, we can set aside a very large amount -- the most in modern history -- to save Social Security, and we can also give the American people a tax cut.”
 John Kasich - “We are going to cut taxes by the greatest amount taxes have been cut in modern American history,”
 John Kasich - “To add more people to a system that is running out of money doesn't make any sense, ... Meet the Press.”
 John Kasich - “Everybody knows the system is not accurate, and we need to make it accurate, not for purposes of balancing the budget, not for purposes of our priorities or their priorities,”
 John Kasich - “We are going to make every effort to try to lock up the surplus in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, ... Our tax cut doesn't come from Medicare.”
 John Kasich - “Calling the president's plan a lame-duck budget, ... The president said the era of big government is over, but he keeps sending us things ... kind of like Santa Claus.”
 John Kasich - “If the president forces us to choose between his raising taxes or raiding Social Security to fund his expansion of government, his budget is dead on arrival, ... A lame duck president should not be able to derail us on the way toward retiring the national debt, tax relief and saving Social Security.”
 John Kasich - “I think the president is a little tone deaf on this one.”
 John Kasich - “If we'll all just change the culture of this city a little bit and if we'll all look to be a little bit creative and a little bit imaginative, we can make government much more effective, much more efficient, ... We can save a penny on a dollar and we can empower the American family one more time.”
 John Kasich - “We believe America should be run from the bottom line, not from the top down, ... Every time we cut taxes, we make government less important and people across the country more important.”
 John Kasich - “The issues of Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security -- what are we doing to convince the American people that we're prepared to deal with those tough issues”
 John Kasich - “And I think over time Summers will learn that you just got to be able to control yourself a little bit.”
 John Kasich - “When Republicans took control of Congress in January 1995, the CBO said the deficit under the President's recommended budget policies for FY 1996 would be 211 billion. We knew we could do better.”
 John Kasich - “What I fear most about a commission is compromise, ... Because compromise means we lose.”
 John Kasich - “When we give a subsidy, the benefits to the public ought to exceed the benefits to the company. When it doesn't, that's our definition of corporate welfare.”
 John Kasich - “A great power has to have the discipline not only to go when necessary but to know when not to go. Getting involved in ethnic, religious civil wars is a recipe for disaster.”
 John Kasich - “A great power has to have the discipline not only to go when necessary but to know when not to go ... Getting involved in ethnic, religious civil wars is a recipe for disaster.”
 John Kasich - “I think most of the programs will not come to pass in a Republican Congress that believes in smaller government, lower taxes, more individual freedom, and more choice by people back home,”

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